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UK Games Expo 2017 Preview: Part One

UK Games Expo 2017 - Legends Untold

With the UK Games Expo 2017 (UKGE) just around the corner I took time out to talk to some of the designers and publishers that will make be making the trip to show off their games. If you don’t know what the UKGE is (where have you been?) then it’s the UK’s biggest convention based around the games we know and love plus ones coming out in the future.

It is also a way for designers to get feedback on a current idea and market their game to publishers. The event will have everything from games to play, buy and even a place to sell your unwanted games. The event runs from June 2-4 and tickets are available online now or on the day.

The board games industry seems to be growing at an almighty rate and being an industry I enjoy, it’s great to see. Below you will see a list of people who will be at the expo either with games or as someone directly connected to the industry.

UK Games Expo 2017 - A little bit about me

I'm Martyn and I have recently started blogging and reviewing board games. I am lucky enough to have the backing of Zatu Games, who publish my articles and also ask for my advice on what games they should pledge for on Kickstarter so they can stock them. It will be the first time for me at this year’s UKGE and as much as I am attending as a fan of games and hope to play as many as possible, I aim to meet all the people I have worked with thus far and meet new people who I can build up a working relationship with.

I will be there from 9am on the Friday for the press show and hope to get some more information on the games being shown.

Firstly, I would like to give a special mention to the below group. Without it and the members I would not be as involved in gaming as I currently am. You see they are a friendly bunch and always answer any questions you may have. With advice from them I bought my first game and haven’t looked back since.

Board Game Trading and Chat UK

"Neither designer nor publisher am I. My name is Chris Bromley and with the help of Martin Cubberley I run a Facebook group dedicated to table top gaming. This is going to be my fifth Expo and it's going to be a special one for me. We have been building a community for a couple of years now and meeting members was the best part my Expo last year.

"This year the expo is going to be about four things. Meeting new and old friends, Playing lots of games, shopping for lots of games and being there with my wife who couldn't make last years due to our newborn gamer."

Mark - Wreck & Ruin

"My name is Mark, it's my first time at UKGE with Wreck and Ruin - a post apocalyptic battle for resources using mad max style vehicle miniatures. 2-4 players control a range of vehicles with strengths and skills with each faction having unique powers.

"With a modular board and random resource generation no two games will play the same! Collect unique salvage cards to give you the edge but beware the event deck which can help but mainly hinder your plans. Buckle up and prepare to shoot ram and Wreck your way to victory at stand D22!"

Peter - Sub Terra

"Yo! Peter Blenkharn’s the name and making games is the….game? This is my second year at the UK Games Expo, with our 2016 stand a huge contribution to the success of our first big title, Statecraft (which got near £40k on KS last year!). Since then we’ve grown a lot, and launched Sub Terra in January, which climbed to the number two most-backed tabletop Kickstarter in the UK with over 6,600 backers and a whopping £370k of funding.

"We’re at the expo with a colossal 96sqm stand (a bit of an increase from last year’s 6!), with nearly 60 seats for gamers to try out our games, with a focus on Sub Terra, our smash hit coop cave survival game."

Kev & Hugh - Legends Untold

"Kev and Hugh here from Inspiring Games. We attended the Wyvern's Lair last year and pitched our idea for a game called Legends Untold. In November we launched on Kickstarter and over 3,200 people helped make our dream come alive.

"We're so excited to be back at the Expo this year as this place gave birth to our little dream. We will be showing off the finished game alongside some teasers for future releases and a peek at our second game Lord of the Horde. We are offering drive through demos all weekend, you will be most welcome at H19."

Keep your eye on the Zatu Games blog over the next couple of weeks as more board game designers and publishers share their plans for the UK Games Expo 2017!