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Top Winnie the Pooh Disney Lorcana Cards


#6 Winnie the Pooh - Hunny Wizard - Amythyst - because he is powerful, with the number 5 all round (cost, attack and resist). His design is absolutely iconic (in the best way possible), sitting on his honey- centred throne, surrounded by his bee buddies, holding a honey stick (my brain cannot recall the actual word for this!) as his staff. Oh how I wished for this playmat…. Warm croissant to go with all that honey, anyone?

#5 Winnie the Pooh- Having a Think - Saphire - because he gains 2 lore, and I seem to have inadvertently, subconsciously stole his catchphrase every time I play a mildly complicated game.

#4 Winnie the Pooh- I’m Stuck (action) - Amythyst - because he is the first Winnie the Pooh card I ever opened so he will always be special and sort of nostalgic, and he is purple, which is a variation of lilac: THE BEST COLOUR to exist in this crazy world.

#3 Bronze goes to… Piglet - Very Small Animal - Amber. Because he is part of the deck that shares the name with one of my very favourite people, he is a simple card that simply states 2 lore and a fun line of text, whilst being strong with a resist power 4. He will definitely provide good company, in his cute scarf with his broom, to the 2 adorable amber squads: the 7 dwarves and the many many dalmatian babies.

#2 Silver goes to… Piglet- Sturdy Swordsman - Steel - ENCHANTED. Luminescent rainbow pink magic. If only I owned him! His card reads ‘not so small anymore’: so so true.

#1 GOLD goes to… Tigger-One of a Kind - part of the ruby (arguably strongest) cards, and the most relatable Winnie the Pooh character to me. Brings back memories too of the battery-operated tigger I had as a baby with a battery-operated, boing-y, tail: ‘’BOUNCEY, BOUNCEY, BOUNCEY’’. The near contender for this one was the green ‘Bounce’ action, as little roo accompanies Tigger for extra cuteness, however it is arguably not quite as strong in gameplay.

So, there are my favourites, what are yours?

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