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Top Five Things I Learnt At UKGE


Going to UKGE not only teaches you about new board games and expansions, but it also teaches you valued life lessons. Some of these include making new friends, and planning ahead of yourself which is always something that normally would blow over my head, but is very important to know about. Here are some of the Top 5 things that going to UKGE had taught me.

Content Or Fun

Do not make too many plans and enjoy the experience of walking around to find things if you are just going for fun and enjoy the experience of seeing and playing new games at every turn. Of course if you have games you know are being shown off make sure you get a map prior and can mark on it where your points of interest are. The expo is huge and finding some places can be tricky even with the excellent signs and all markings.

If however you are a content creator, like me, make sure you have time to see everything you want to and enough plans to make content on all the games that are a good fit for your channel. I did not arrange many meetings which, is the one big regret I have from UKGE. Next time I'll be planning ahead for sure.

Time Management

This is especially important if you are a content creator; make sure you plan meetings and events in advance so you have content to make and potentially things to take back with you to create cool content with. If, like me this year at my first ever expo, you don't speak to companies beforehand do not expect to leave with any games to review or products to make content with. It can come across as very cheeky and rude to just turn up at a stall and ask for some free games. You may get offered some if your well-known or already have a good working relationship with them though.


You can easily spend more money walking around UKGE than you want to, so set yourself a budget and stick to it. A great way to save money is to check in the bring and buy for things you wish to get as you may save a considerable amount of money. You can see what is there before you arrive online and throughout the weekend more games are added as visitors drop off their wares. One thing to note - scalpers will beat you to things, don't let that annoy you. I saw an old well used copy of Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition listed for £5 but, even though I was one of the first in I could not find. I did however snag the Horizon Zero Dawn Kickstarter exclusive box for £20 so there are bargains to be had for sure.

Arriving At UKGE

You do not need to get there mega early like I did. I set off at 4:30am and did not leave until 10pm. I was in a queue from 7:30am but ticket offices didn't open until 8am and the doors to the halls do not actually open until 9am - queues for tickets are quite long later on but normally get through in less than 20-30 minutes. Much less time than I spent queueing to get in. This also meant that by 8pm I was wiped out and struggling to play games even though my friends were still going and I wanted to carry on but could feel my eyes lids drooping. Do not let tiredness ruin your experience. If you can go for more than one day I would highly recommend it so that going home early or not going in until a bit later will not upset you or make you feel as though you are missing out.

Most Importantly

It is all about the people and playing games with others. Try to spend more time playing games on the floor or with friends in open gaming than walking around. It can be overwhelming in the big halls but playing games is the most fun part and the people at UKGE are awesome. If you do not know people join the Facebook groups and discord servers so you can meet up with people who want to play the same games as you. Luckily I know a good number of board gamers from Instagram that I could meet up with for the first time and play games with. This group of people made it an incredible experience for me.

Gaming is all about human interaction and having fun with people that share a common hobby. So, don't forget to have fun with new friends at whatever expo (UKGE or not) you go to!

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