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Top 9 Helvetiq Games

How To Play Bandida

Helvetiq are well known for making small and easy-to-play games, and many people praise them as great fillers. So without further ado, here are our top 9 favourite Helvetiq games.


Kicking it off with the classic Bandido. Everyone knows this pocket-sized tile placement game, and if you don't, get on that!

Bandido is easy to learn and doesn't take up much space. Each player gets a hand of three tunnel pieces, laying one per turn to try and block all the exits with dead-ends. Stop the Bandido from escaping to win! The only catch? You can't communicate between players, so your plan can easily come undone by the handiwork of your friend!

I can strongly recommend this little Helvetiq game to take with you as a time-killer!


Hot on the heels of its predecessor, we have Bandida. Announced in Comic-Con in 2020, Bandida is very similar to Bandido. There are some small changes, such as the addition of symbols that trigger effects.

Another new feature introduced by Helvetiq in Bandida is the "Help Bandida" mode, where you try and assist her escape rather than hinder it. In this mode, you must block off all exits but one, with that one leading to the escape ladder.

Will you stop or help Bandida before the deck runs out? This set is just as small as Bandido, and I can thoroughly recommend it!


A very different style to the last two, Kawaii is our third Helvetiq game.

Still in a pocket-sized box, Kawaii is a fast-paced game where hesitation can cost you your win. Players turn their reserve cards over and stack them on each other with favour and shape showing. When a player spots a pile they find interesting, they put their heart-shaped token on the pile and declare "kawaii!" The player then claims the pile and it's put in their points zone, with the token going to the player whose pile was claimed. This process repeats until all cards have been claimed, and the person with the highest points after three round of this wins!

If you're looking for a cute game that doesn't require much skill, look no further than Kawaii.


In Misty, it's raining outside and you're doodling on the windowpane. Suddenly, your drawings spring to life, but be careful of the flower eating monster!

Each player builds their window card by card until everyone has a full 12-card window. Then, everyone activated their window by doing the action stated on each card. Once everyone has activated their cards, score up the points and see who wins!

This is a much simpler game from Helvetiq, and is great for the whole family or friend groups!

Captain Bluff

Inspired by a real story, in Captain Bluff you play as a baggage handler who's fed up with his job. You send everyone's baggage across the world to try and get rid of the baggage as soon as possible.

You can get rid of this baggage by opening new conveyors, or by putting the luggage on the wrong conveyor.. But be careful! Your colleagues can call you out if they notice you swapping up the baggage and you'll suffer the penalty!

Helvetiq really shows their creative side in this game, which is perfect for holidays. Just hope a baggage handler doesn't send this game to the wrong destination!


With the help of Papageno, the world-renowned bird catcher, impress the Queen with the most beautiful of birds.

Papageno is a simple yet strategic game where you have to try and collect the lightest birds to win. Keep the best cards and use the special cards to capture the victory.

Special cards spice up the selection as you can steal opponents' cards, give others your bad cards, or create a clone of one of your birds! Helvetiq really introduced a layer of complexity to their games with Papageno.


Be the strongest animal at the waterhole in Helvetiq's Kariba.

Play animal cards in combination to scare away the weaker animals and take waterhole cards to score points.

This game is simple, with rules reminiscent of games that use the 52-card deck. The simplicity makes the competitiveness even more action-packed as luck of the draw or a small bluff can turn the tides of the game.

Perfect for introducing children or older relatives to board games, this is a great purchase for anyone!


It's 1932 in Chicago and prohibition is in full effect. You play as a gangster trying to get rid of as much illegal alcohol as possible before the infamous untouchables break into your warehouse.

With simple rules, this reimagined classic is great for a small group of friends to pass some time. Or perhaps play it with your family on the train? Either way, this is the game for you. Especially if you're a fan of the film The Untouchables.

As Ness said, "never stop fighting till the fight is done!"


Shhh, keep your cover and complete the mission!

Our last Helvetiq game is Kompromat. It's a one-on-one game that expands on the rules of the classic Blackjack. Get higher than your opponent but be careful not to go above 21 or you'll gain notoriety tokens!

When the game ends, score points for your mission cards and activate special abilities!

This relatively easy game is perfect for a couple or two friends, so dive in and stay undercover!