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Top 6 Football Games To Play During The Euros

Fifa 2020 Feature

The Euros are underway and everyone across England (and the rest of Europe!) are going into a proper football frenzy!

Well, what better way to celebrate your team winning than cracking out a good footy game to play with the family? Or maybe your team lost, and you want a distraction to make yourself feel better? Either way, we have you covered.

Here are our top 5 football games for the tabletop or flatscreen!


Kicking off our football games with the cult classic FIFA series and its latest game, FIFA 21. This football video game drags you right into the action as a player in the Career Mode! Alternatively, you could craft your heavenly eleven in Ultimate Team to conquer the league. Or if you're looking for casual fun with your mates, the Kick-Off mode has you covered with single games where you can pitch your favourite teams against each other.

With improved graphics and better AI, as well as all the necessary team adjustments, the 27th game of the series has sold 1.5 million copies! Join the community and score some worldies!

World Football Stars - Top Trumps Match

Next on the squad line-up is the Football Stars edition of Top Trumps Match.

Score more points than your opponent by matching 5 world-famous footy superstars from all across the world! Match fan-favourites such as Harry Kane, Paul Pogba and Lionel Messi in a scramble to win. This game can come so close to a draw that you may very well have to use extra time as this game can be nail-biting at times!

In addition, the durable carry case means you can take your game anywhere - even to the Euros!

Football Game

Perfect for your little Lionel, Football Game puts a footy spin on the classic snakes and ladders.

Dodge and weave past your opponent's defence to punt the ball in the net! If you land on your team's colours you fly up closer to your goal, but land on the opposition colours and suffer the penalty(or free kick!)

Use the two spinners to determine your play. The Whistle Spinner can bring your sprint to a halt and send you back to the start. The Goal Spinner decides whether your desperate dash resulted in a crackin' goal for your team, or whether you'll be tackled and sent back some spaces.

Crack this game out if the little ones want to play some football games!

Brainbox Football

Enjoy a kickabout through the English football leagues in this football edition of the trivia game Brainbox! Test your knowledge of your favourite sport and prove you're the true footy fan. This game is best played in groups, making it an ideal game for the family. Or have a few mates over(less than 6!)and give them a run for their money!

With 55 cards to teach you about footy facts and figures about your favourite teams, this game will test your knowledge recall in a fun and exciting way!

And as an added bonus to one of our favourite football games, it's made of at least 70% recycled material! That's what I call a class act!

Football Manager 2021

For those watching the Euros from your PC or laptop this summer, we have the renowned Football Manager series.

Football Manager is as the name describes. You play as the manager of one of the major football clubs, doing your best to get your team to the top. This true-to-life game series is re-innovated with its latest game, bringing you right into the action; you ARE the manager!

Experience the new graphics and show off your managerial prowess by bringing your team to the top!


Rounding out our list of football games is Subbuteo. This classic game of skill and dexterity is the epitome of tabletop football(not including table football itself). Master the art of flicking your players around the pitch to score a goal, or to defend your own.

The improved set comes with 20players, 2 goalies, 2 goals, a ball and rules! All the pieces are made more sturdy and flexible than before, so gone are the days of gluing your player back to his base every 5 minutes!

Pick your team, decide your plan and victory will be at your fingertips!