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Top 5 Video Game Worlds You’d Want to Live In

Top 5 Video Game Worlds You'd Want to Live In

Previously, I wrote about videogame locations that you shouldn’t visit if they were real. This time around I thought I’d keep things a little lighter... or at least try to. Video games aren’t all doom and gloom and there are some locations that would be great to visit. So, without further ado, let’s take a look, shall we? What do you mean no? Why are you even here? Well, I’m going to take a look anyway:

Skyrim (Skyrim)

Bit of an odd one considering there is an assortment of nasty things that want to kill you in the realm of Skyrim, including dragons. But there’s something romantic about medieval fantasy settings that are just so enticing. I’d even visit Westeros if given the chance... not season 8 Westeros, that was a dumpster fire, but season 1-7 Westeros? Sign me up! Anyway, back to Skyrim. Imagine all the adventures you could go on, the things you could see, the people you could meet. It’d be fantastic, and you’d get to do it all while wearing some awesome looking armour. The main concern you’d have on a daily basis would be protecting your knees.

New York (Spider-Man: Miles Morales)

Yes, I know New York is real. But our New York doesn’t have Spider-Man while the one in Spider-Man: Miles Morales has two! I know I ragged on Gotham in my last article about video game locations, but that place is depressing. Spider-Man New York has a crime problem, but the weather is good and there’s always a feeling of hope. Maybe if Batman wore more colourful clothing he’d be a bit happier.

The Citadel (Mass Effect)

The intergalactic hub and meeting place of all of the best alien races (no offence Mass Effect: Andromeda). The Citadel is fantastic. I’ll never forget my first playthrough of Mass Effect when Joker lands us on this giant space tube. Everything looks shiny here, even the seedy underbelly is clean. They literally have to change the lightbulbs from white to red to even show it’s a bad area. And it’s really easy to make friends - just pick the blue conversation options.

Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda Series)

Much like Skyrim, Hyrule isn’t without its problems. But there are several versions to choose from. Probably best to avoid the one in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity as there’s a war on. The version in Link’s Awakening should be fine for a bit, but the version in Breath of the Wild would be my pick. A nice open world, freedom of choice, and green fields as far as the eye can see. Just don’t look at the ominous castle in the distance. You could happily spend your days cutting grass, smashing pots and finding Koroks and their seeds.

The Mushroom Kingdom (The Mario Series)

Another Nintendo landscape, once again this one has plenty to do and lots of versions. Practice your swing in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Go racing in Mario Kart. Play Tennis in Mario Tennis Aces. If a good old crossover is your thing then you could meet Rabbids in the Mario + Rabbids version of the Mushroom Kingdom. Personally, I’d probably visit the Mario 64 version (from the graphically improved 3d All-Stars of course) so I could have a nice explore. I’m not a princess so I’d be safe from Bowser. Sure, it has a fair few enemies dotted around, but they’re pretty slow-moving and fairly harmless. In fact, if you stay out of their way they’ll stay out of yours. They don’t want trouble, they’re just taking a stroll. Who in their right mind would hurt them and their friends... wait, is Mario a baddie?

And That’s That

Want do you think of my list? What video game locations would you like to visit if given the chance? Let us know on Zatu social media and I’ll see you next time. Take care.