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Top 5 Killer Video Games

top 5 killer video games resident evil 7 feature

Hello! We’re back once again (with the ill-behaved) with part three of our videogame Halloween special - our top 5 killer video games. This time we’re going to follow in the footsteps of Talking Heads and discuss psycho-killers. Let’s get straight into it, but be careful, the killer might be sneaking up behind you! 

Resident Evil VII

Yeah, I’m kicking things off with another Resident Evil game. They’re horror masterpieces, it’d be an absolute crime if I didn’t mention them. Resident Evil VII returns the series to its horror routes. This time you’ll encounter the murderous Baker family while searching for protagonist Ethans’ girlfriend. You’ll see everything in first-person, putting you right into the action. Prepare for scares, psychopaths, monsters and the relentless Jack Baker.

Until Dawn Rush of Blood

It was an odd choice to make a rollercoaster-style spin-off for Supermassive’s stellar Until Dawn. But it’s a great VR title and features plenty of nods to its’ predecessor. It still contains scares, but this time it’s a theme park ride and you have the ability to shoot everything for points. Which certainly takes the edge off. It's a great game with plenty of replayability. 

Hello Neighbour

You’ve just moved into a new house across the street from a mysterious neighbour who is behaving oddly and seems to be keeping a secret in his basement. Your parents won’t listen so you take it upon yourself to break into the neighbour’s home to solve puzzles, gather the items and eventually gain access to his basement. You’ll have to be careful though as, if the neighbour spots and catches you, you’ll be taken back to your parents. You’ll still get to break back into the house and continue investigating. But each time you get caught, there’ll be more traps waiting for your return. And that is exactly Hello Neighbour belongs on our top 5 killer video games list!

Hidden Agenda

Look! I’ve picked another Supermassive game! This one is a psychological action adventure. You take on the role of homicide detective Becky Marney and district attorney Felicity Graves. Both of whom are involved in the case of a serial killer known as The Trapper. As with most Supermassive games, it contains quick time events and decisions that determine the outcome of the story. But this one also comes with a PlayLink feature. Which allows others to join the game to vote for a specific decision to be made, using their Android or iOS smartphones. In a newly introduced competitive mode, one player will receive a secret objective, or hidden agenda, which will create conflict and keep people on their toes.

Friday The 13th: The Game

No, not the NES one, the asymmetrical multiplayer one. With up to eight players in one match via online play, there’s room for everyone. One player is randomly selected to control Jason Voorhees who must do what Jason does best - kill. The remaining players control the counsellors, who must do what counsellors do poorly - survive and escape.

And That’s That

So there you have it, our top 5 killer video games. Did I miss any games that deserve a look? Let us know on the Zatu social media channels. Don’t forget to the fourth and final part of our Halloween special will be on its way soon, I’ll be finishing off by taking a look at games featuring monsters!