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Top 5 Games for Pre-Drinks

pre-drink games

Whether you're at uni or on a work night out, pre-drinks are a staple of any occasion. Here at Zatu HQ, we've put together our top 5 list of the best games you can when you're pre-drinking. Gone are the days of Spin the Bottle and Edward Fortyhands, elevate your drinking games with these party staples. Let's count down our best games for pre-drinks.

Trunk Of Drunk

Trunk of Drunk is all your biggest classics compiled into one handy box. It has eight different drinking games including Beer Pong, Never Have I Ever, and Ring of Fire. You’ll never lose a pack of cards again, as they’ll be tucked away safe in a bright yellow ‘trunk’ that you simply could not misplace if you tried. Perfect for big groups who can’t decide on one game or just as something quick and simple to pick up the pace.

Destination Drunk

Around the world in 15 games for pre-drinks! If you’re not feeling the typical student classics, Destination Drunk can introduce you to favourite drinking games around the globe, old and new. From China’s ‘Jiuling’ to Germany’s ‘Flunkyball,’ there’s something for every situation. Find some new favourites and add to your drinking arsenal with another great collection of drinking games.

Mean Girls: The Party Game

Get in loser, we’re playing Mean Girls: The Party Game. Anonymously answer scandalous questions about each other in this game of burns. Be brutal, be funny, be weird. It’s all up to you!  But beware: at the end of the round, each player gets to pick an answer that they’d like to reveal. If you wrote it, you have to come clean - to everyone!  Big Potato Games have officially made fetch happen with this one!

You Laugh You Drink

You Laugh You Drink is pretty self-explanatory. Players take turns to pick a card from the top of the pile. The card will have an action; either you pass on the action and take a sip of shame, or you pick another player to be your target and perform the action for them. You have 30 seconds to do whatever is on the card, with the goal being to make the target laugh. Every other player is allowed to laugh, just not your target. If the target laughs, they drink. If the target does not laugh, the Joker must drink instead! This makes You Laugh You Drink one of our best suggestions for games for pre-drinks.

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Do you love games where nobody wins? Do you love telling embarrassing stories about your friends? How about games where you get to assume embarrassing things about people you’ve just met? If so, Drunk, Stoned or Stupid might be for you. In this game, a card is drawn each round with an assumption – or fact – that might apply to someone in the room. For example, “is obsessed with their butt.” Everyone discusses who they think the card best applies to. If you’re the chosen, you get to keep the card, and the first to seven cards… loses!

Telestrations: After Dark

Telestrations is a game of telephone but with drawing. Each player begins by sketching a word dictated by the roll of a die. Time is limited by an old-fashioned hourglass. Everyone passes their sketch to the next player, who must guess what's been drawn. Then you pass your guess word onto the next player as well. Everyone then draws the guessed words, which are ‘ideally’ the same, or similar to, the original word. Keep going round until all the words are back in their original spots and reveal the answers. This is a great addition to your collection of games for pre-drinks!