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News -Tiny Towns gets a little bit bigger…

News - Tiny Towns Fortune Revealed

Tiny Towns, from AEG, has been a super popular game. As soon as our expo demo team pop it on a table, it sells out. Tiny Towns combines great presentation with an excellent table presence. Most importantly, it also has solid gameplay - making it a real winner. Happily, AEG have now announced a brand-new expansion. It's called, Tiny Towns: Fortune.

Before we reveal details about the new game, lets remind ourselves about the original.

Tiny Towns Base Game

The base game sees 1-6 players attempting build the most point scoringly efficient town. Your basic building is a cottage, but every other building in the game has multiple cards that you can randomise or choose from. Each cards gives you the building 'recipe' to follow in order to build it and the effect that occurs when you do. Mostly, this is end game scoring but the black buildings often offer ways of messing with the formula.

On a turn you will either choose a coloured block or use the provided deck to do so and place it on your four by four grid, slowly putting in the foundations of the building you are aiming for. Everyone else will be doing the same thing. My preferred way of playing is using the deck of cards as every third cube is a free choice, which in my experience leads to more variation between players. Once everyone has run out of moves the game ends and scores are counted.

Included are a number of rules variants the best being Monuments - private buildings with unique powers, which everyone gets exactly one of.


Tiny Towns: Fortune will add more building and monument cards to the game. Helping with the game's design is Josh Wood. You may know him from the awesome cat collection game, Cat Lady.

Another new feature is the inclusion of money with which you can buy things with. It's not clear what you can buy yet, but then again I didn't realise Tiny Towns was set in a world where animals lived in houses!

Tiny Towns: Fortune is due to be released in February 2020. Pre-order your copy today on our online store.