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The Zatu Show Episode 10 – The Crew: Mission Deep Sea

zatu show episode 10

Every month, The Zatu Show will be delivering the top gaming countdowns, a peek into our subscription boxes and a look into life behind the meeples here at Zatu HQ.

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With the current season coming to an end, Amber and Arthur bring you up to speed on our late summer return to gaming events in our 10th episode of The Zatu Show. With details on our favourite new titles, new releases from familiar franchises and the chance to win our featured release; The Crew: Mission Deep Sea, as well as its base game The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine.

For those who love our behind-the-scenes segments, this month’s questions come straight from our team members at Zatu! With a look into Amber’s big birthday celebration and her recommendations for which fruit you should be eating in the shower.

The Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine

The Crew is a unique cooperative trick-taking game that has excited gamers everywhere. Winning over 30 awards worldwide since its release in 2019, The Crew features over 50 progressive missions to dive into. Players work together to match the winning card to the correct crewmate in silent strategy, unable to reveal their hands. When the right cards reach the right owners, everybody wins!

The Crew: Mission Deep Sea

For those who can’t get enough of The Crew, or want to start with a smaller entry to the series, KOSMOS has introduced The Crew: Mission Deep Sea. This adventure has players searching for the lost continent of Mu. This instalment introduces 33 brand new missions and some new exciting twists to the gameplay.

F1 2021

This year’s F1 release features the brand new story mode, “Braking Point,” which challenges the player to take on the role of up and coming rookie driver, pitting you against real-life drivers from the 2020-2021 seasons. It improves upon previous games’ graphics, audio and effects, and offers other exciting new features such as cooperative split-screen.


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