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GenCon 2022 News: The Wolves Announced By Pandasarus

The Wolves
The Wolves

In spookier news, Pandasarus Games have announced their latest game coming directly to retail this October, Wolves! A pack-building strategy game for 2-5 players with a modular board and area control, players are attempting to build the largest, most dominant pack by claiming territory, recruiting other lone wolves and hunting prey. Aside from having an amazing cover picture, there are some interesting details coming out. There are five main actions to take during the game: move, build dens, build lairs, howl and dominate an opponent wolf. But there is an action-selection mechanism which drives the choices, featuring double sided terrain tiles which can impact what you can do in the next round. This game seems to promise a great strategic challenge with heavy player interaction and some gorgeous art, as well as a new theme for us to play with. Look forward for a new Halloween favourite.