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  • Artwork
  • Complexity
  • Replayability
  • Player Interaction
  • Component Quality

You Might Like

  • Small box footprint so easily portable.
  • Extra game modes and built in expansion included.
  • Player count can be increased to 5.
  • Simple enough to grasp nut with higher level strategy available.

Might Not Like

  • Some components could have been blinged up some more.
  • The game works better with higher player counts.
  • Card based gameplay so some luck can be involved.
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How To Play: The Great Heartland Hauling Co


Let down those mullets, rub your moustaches and grease up as you get ready to haul as.... haul cubes across the Heartland in order to fulfil all your trucking needs while stocking up on hard-earned cash. Simply manage your truck stops across the land as you load and drop cargo, blocking off your rivals from key distribution lines and snatching the best fuel cards and freight bills from under their noses. Earn the most profit while leaving the other truckers in the dust and declare yourself the King Of The Road!

Fuel Up
Place the Distribution Centre in the middle of the playing area (this card contains West Morgan if you are unsure), then take the 12 Location cards which will be randomly set around this. The number used and pattern will be determined by the number of players, setting them all with the white circle location face up:
Two - Remove 1 of each location Good type (Corn, Soy Beans, Cattle, Pigs) and lay the remaining 8 around the middle card to create a 3x3 grid with the distribution centre at the centre.
Three - Same as above, but at the end of set-up and before the first turn the 3rd player picks one of the removed cards and places it adjacent to any current location, then the 2nd player does the same, so 10 cards will be used. (These cards will still get filled with Goods)
Four - Use all 12 cards, 8 surrounding the distribution centre and the other 4 in the midpoints of each edge to create a diamond like shape.

Once the cards have been laid out each will populate with the location's Native good they produce, the large symbol on the top half of the card. Place 5 Cargo Crate cubes onto the location that match the colour of the Native good. Any remaining cubes are not used and returned to the box.
Each player takes a coloured Semi-Truck wooden piece and parks it on the distribution centre to start, taking the matching pair of Score/Cargo cards in front of them and a brown wooden score tracker which starts on $5. Everyone can take a reference card and any remaining player cards or wooden pieces can be returned to the box.

Finally, shuffle together all the remaining cards to create the play deck consisting of Fuel cards and Freight Bills. Deal 5 to each player then turn over the top 3 cards and leave face-up next to the draw deck. The starting player is decided by either the player with the longest hair or the player with the best moustache, if these criteria don't belong to the same person, then the two settle the winner with an arm wrestling match. Alternatively, decide randomly.

Hit the open road
Your turns will be broken down into 3 phases:
1) Move your truck
2) Take an action
3) Refuel

Your truck moves 1,2 or 3 spaces by either paying fuel cards from your hand or by spending cash from your pocket, then parks at the new location card.
Fuel Cards - Play a fuel card from your hand and move the exact amount of spaces shown on the card. You may play multiple cards to add together (e.g. two 1 Fuel Cards to move 2 spaces) and move the total but note you cannot move more than 3 spaces and the cards played cannot add up to more than 3.
Spending Cash - Pay 1$ for each space moved, up to 3$ for 3 spaces.
When moving your truck you cannot move diagonally, only into an adjacent space to the North, South, East or West. Your truck is unable to backtrack over a space your have used that turn. You may pass over a space where another player's truck is parked, but you cannot park on the same space as another truck, nor can you stop at the distribution centre, although you may still move through that space.

The two movement methods cannot be mixed, you must only pay either fuel cards or cash to move.
You must move every turn, but there may be occasions where you cannot, such as if you have no Fuel Cards and have 0$, or if the spaces you are able to reach you would be unable to stop on. If this happens then you cannot move this turn, instead your truck is towed and placed on the distribution centre and during the action phase you are forced to take the discard action.

During this phase you must do one of the three available actions:
1) Load
2) Unload
3) Discard

To Load Goods you discard any number of Freight Bills from your hand that match a type of Cargo Crate at your location to place the Crates into your truck, following these rules:
You can only hold a maximum of 8 Cargo Crates on your truck card.
You can only Load one type of good per turn.
If the Cargo is a Native Good then it costs one Freight Bill per Cargo Crate loaded.
If the Cargo is not a Native Good then it costs you two Freight Bills per Cargo Crate loaded.

To unload Cargo Crates at a location there must be demand for the Cargo, this will be shown on the card by the smaller Goods icons on the lower half, each will have a number next to it which shows how much cash will be paid for that Good. To Unload Goods you discard any number of Freight Bills from your hand that match the type of Cargo Crates you are Unloading at your location, then place those Crates onto your location card, following these rules:
Each location card can only hold a maximum of 8 Cargo Crates, if there are 8 Crates then you are unable to Unload any more to the location.
You can only Unload one type of good per turn.
Each Cargo Crate requires one Freight Bill to Unload.
Each Cargo Crate Unloaded increases your cash by the number shown next to the Good Icon on the Location card.

Instead of Loading or Unloading you may discard as you action, simply discard as many cards from your hand as you want. This action costs 1$ no matter how many cards you discard (even none). However, if you are being forced to take the discard action and have no cash then you discard for free this turn.

If you are unable to either Load or Unload at your current location and cannot afford to pay the cost for Discard, then your truck will be towed to the distribution centre and you are forced to take the discard action (for free).

In the final phase of the turn you refill your hand to 5 cards, either drawing cards from the top of the face-down deck, or from the three face-up cards, replacing them instantly as you draw them.

Destination Reached
The number of players in the game sets the cash limit for how long the game will last, 30$ in a four-player, 40$ in a three-player and 50$ in a two-player. If you reach this cash amount on your turn then this starts the end of the game, once you finish your turn every other player gets one more turn and then it finishes.
Once the game ends each player takes a penalty for any Cargo Crates remaining on their truck, these values are listed on the Distribution Centre, but it will be 1$ for any Corn or Soy Beans and 2$ for any Cattle or Pigs. The trucker with the most money remaining is declared the winner, in the event of a tie then the least amount of Cargo Crates left on the truck is the tie-breaker, otherwise the victory is shared.

Pit Stops
The game comes with multiple variants included in the box which gives changes to set up, gameplay or just adds new components into the game.

Alternate Board Layouts - On the back of the rules reference card are several alternate layouts that can be used when setting up the starting map, three for each player count.
Fresh Start - The Distribution Centre is shuffled in with the rest of the location cards during set up, so could be anywhere on the map.
Warehouse Mix-Up - When setting out each location's starting Goods at the beginning of the game they each get 3 Cargo Crates for their Native Good, then 1 of each Good they have in demand.
Short Haul - Players can only hold 6 Cargo Crates in their truck at any time.
Alternate Routes - Every location card has a reverse side with some advanced features on it, this side has the white triangle location. If you choose to play with the alternate route side of the locations then it cannot be placed orthogonally next to another alternate route, but otherwise you may use as many as you wish that fit with this rule. There are three different features found on these cards which will be shown by a symbol on any card edge:
1) Roads Closed - A white and red striped box indicates that trucks cannot enter or leave the space from this direction.
2) Weigh Station - A blue box with a Cargo Crate inside indicates that any truck leaving or entering from this direction must pay 1$ for every cube held above four on the truck.
3) Toll Road - The dollar sign clearly indicates that any trucker leaving or entering from this direction must pay 1$.

Truck Stop Inspansion
The final set of rules to cover are using the expansion included in the box.
After set-up the player in last place randomly deals a number of cards from the Truck Stop deck equal to the numbers of players +2. Then they place them around the board in any position as long as they are adjacent to at least one location and no truck stop cards are adjacent to each other.
During the game a player can purchase an upgrade from a truck stop after finishing their move on it, provided they are able to afford the cost. A player can only purchase one upgrade per game, and each upgrade can only be owned by one player. Once purchased the upgrade gives a once per turn ability, when you move off the card on the following turn take it and place it next to your score cards as a reminder. All 12 upgrade cards are unique and their effects are listed on the rules reference card.

That's it, all the rules covered and you're ready to play. Just stay load up on snacks, stay away from the Badlands and get on truckin.

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Zatu Score


  • Artwork
  • Complexity
  • Replayability
  • Player Interaction
  • Component Quality

You might like

  • Small box footprint so easily portable.
  • Extra game modes and built in expansion included.
  • Player count can be increased to 5.
  • Simple enough to grasp nut with higher level strategy available.

Might not like

  • Some components could have been blinged up some more.
  • The game works better with higher player counts.
  • Card based gameplay so some luck can be involved.

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