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spiel des jahres (1)

Spiel Des Jahres 2023 Winners

Luke Pickles 17/07/2023

Award season has come around quicker than I realised... I woke up to see the Spiel des Jahres 2023 winners had been announced! Here they are.

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7 wonders 2nd edition cover art

Top 10 Most Award Winning Games

Luke Pickles 18/10/2022

Today, we’re talking about the most award winning games - those games which have won a whole bunch of awards and are great games to play.

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Istanbul Board Game Review

UPDATED: The History of the Kennerspiel des Jahres: Connoisseur Board Games 2011–2022

Tom Harrod 20/07/2022

In this blog, we’re taking a look at the sibling award to the SdJ. It’s not a family game, such as Spiel winners like Azul or Ticket To Ride

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Cascadia Wins Spiel Des Jahres 2022

Luke Pickles 19/07/2022

The mysterious judges in Germany have finished their deliberations and have decided on the winners of the Spiel Des Jahres. Read on now!

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Spiel des jahres 2021 nominees

Spiel des Jahres 2022 Nominees Announced

Luke Pickles 24/05/2022

We are very excited to discuss what has been nominated and recommended. This is Germany’s “Game of the Year!”

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Spiel des jahres 2021 nominees

News – Spiel Des Jahres 2021 Nominees Announced

favouritefoe 18/05/2021

Time to dust off your best t-shirt and smart jeans because the 2021 Spiel des Jahres nominees have just been announced. Find out more here.

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Just One Board Game Review

The History of the Spiel des Jahres Part Three: Big Names & Party Games, 2011 – 2020

Tom Harrod 22/06/2020

Looking for an amazing gateway game to use as a way to dip your toe into the board game pool? Checking out the Spiel des Jahres winners is a fine place to start.

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The History of the Spiel des Jahres Part Two: Dawn of the Modern Gateway Games, 2001-2010

Tom Harrod 18/06/2020

Without scrolling down, how many can you think of, pub quiz-style? How many have you played?

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The History of Spiel des Jahres

The History of Spiel des Jahres, Part One: The Early Years, 1979-2000

Tom Harrod 15/06/2020

In this four-part series, I’m going to take a look at the winners of this board game award. Join me, dear gamers old and new, as we take a trip down memory lane! Part One sees us start at the beginning.

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Spiel des Jahres 2019 Winner - Just One

Spiel des Jahres 2019 Winners Announced

Thomas Gorner 22/07/2019

The winners of the coveted Spiel Des Jahres awards have finally been announced. Just One secured the main prize in the board game industry.

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