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solo games - terraforming mars

Must Have Solo Games

Sometimes, playing some solo games is a vital part of any board gamers week. Here are some must buys to add to your collection!

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Roll Camera Solo

Roll Camera Solo Review

Gillian Lee 04/10/2023

Ever wondered exactly how you could become a director of a world-famous movie? In Roll Camera, that is the goal!

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Multi Player Solo Games Terraforming Mars

5 Great Games Genres For Multi Player Solo

Pete Bartlam 13/09/2023

Multi Player what? Multi Player Solo! Yes that’s right, you’re playing all games by your lonesome but you’re playing as more than one player.

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Solo - Earth

Top 5 Solo Experiences In Less Known Board Games

Pete Bartlam 31/08/2023

Solo gaming is an important part of evolving as a board gamer. Now, trying out games you may not have heard of, that'd a new step!

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new corp order

New Corp Order Solo Review

Gillian Lee 20/07/2023

New Corp Order but solo? Yes please! In this game, Surreality has became our new reality as the influence of the governments fades away.

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motor city solo

Motor City Solo Review

favouritefoe 10/05/2023

Motor City Broommm... Vroooom! Here's how to play this fun and exciting game when you're feeling more solo than duo!

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cartographers solo

Cartographers Solo Review

Luke Pickles 09/05/2023

Cartographers. A name everyone in the board game industry has heard and either loves or hates. Mostly loves, how does it play solo?

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Dimension Solo Review

favouritefoe 08/05/2023

I bet you're thinking, how can you play a game of Dimension solo? Well you can! It's a pretty fun and fast puzzle game.

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wayfarers of the south tigris

Wayfarers Of The South Tigris Solo Review

Luke Pickles 28/04/2023

It's time to explore! Wayfarers of the South Tigris plays just as amazing as it does solo, are there any flaws though?

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solar sphere

Solar Sphere Solo Review

Jonathan Rowe 28/04/2023

This blog is about the solo version of the human race exhausting the energy on Earth! Solar Sphere is a pretty exciting game.

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