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Raiders Of Scythia Solo Review

Tom Harrod 01/08/2022

You've played Raiders of Scythia, but have you played Raiders of Scythia solo mode? I'd say not... Is it worth the play? Is it the same?

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Wingspan cover

Wingspan Solo Review

Northern Dice 16/05/2022

Wingspan is already a well loved game across many a shelf, but does riding these wings solo make for an enjoyable experience? Find out here!

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Legends Of Hellas cover

Legends Of Hellas Review

Pedro Dias 10/05/2022

Legends of Hellas is a 1-5 cooperative game where you must defeat all monsters Hades is throwing at you before time runs out.

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gloomhaven cover

Gloomhaven Solo Review

Thom Newton 26/04/2022

Gloomhaven is currently sitting pretty on the top of Boardgamegeek’s list of the best games of all time...

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everdell cover

Everdell: Solo Review

Tom Harrod 26/04/2022

If you're a fan of Everdell's usual 2-4 game... Check out this Zatu review on the solo mode, you don't want to miss this one!

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red rising cover

Red Rising Solo Review

favouritefoe 14/04/2022

Red Rising is a hand management, deck building, card drafting game based on a young adult series of books by Pierce Brown.Red Rising is a hand management, deck building, card drafting game based on a young adult series of books by Pierce Brown.

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Under Falling Skies solo

Best Game To Play Solo 2020

Amber 02/02/2021

Solo games come in all shapes and sizes. From time sinking monsters, to smaller, quicker playing games. But what was the best solo game of 2020?

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Sylvion Feature

Sylvion Review

Sylvion is part of Z-man Games Omniverse. This series of small box games offer solo and sometimes co-op challenges. Find out more in Florentyna's review!

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Shards of Infinity Shadows Feature

Shards of Infinity – Shadows of Salvation Review

Rob Wright 24/05/2020

Shadows of Salvation changes things up in the Shards of Infinity world by bringing co-op and solo modes with it. Rob uses his Mastery to review it.

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Top 5 Games You Can Play Solo

Kirsty Hewitt 30/04/2020

Now I have discovered solo gaming, these top 5 are games I would happily play solo at any time.  I think I may have even piqued my husband’s interest to try some of them solo!

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