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san francisco

San Francisco Reiner Knizia Review

Nick Trkulja 27/07/2023

In San Francisco, you become an urban planner whose goal is to create the greatest redevelopment plan of the famous city in California.

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RA Reiner

RA Reiner Knizia Review

Seb Hawden 10/05/2023

Any game by Reiner Knizia is a great game and RA is no exception for that. Let's see if this game is as good as the rest!

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equinox (1)

How To Play Equinox

Equinox creatures and cards! This game is a whole load of fun when you actually learn how to play it... Here's some help.

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sakura (1)

How To Play Sakura Reiner Knizia

Reiner Knizia’s Sakura is a brilliant simultaneous card selection game published by Osprey Games. What's the goal and how do you play?

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Games By Reiner Knizia Modern Art

Top 5 Games From Reiner Knizia

Luke Pickles 03/08/2022

Reiner Knizia games are beautiful, and celebrated their 30th anniversary! It's no wonder we're searching for games by Reiner Knizia.

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battle line cover

Battle Line Medieval Review

Carl Yaxley 14/04/2022

Compact, easy to learn, and deceptively deep. Battle Line Medieval is a no-frills, highly replayable card game for two players.

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Equinox Review

Equinox Review

Joe Packham 13/09/2021

If you like your games fast and gorgeous it’s hard to imagine you not liking Equinox. It’s tactical and tense in a very pleasing way.

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Lost Cities Card Game Feature

Lost Cities Card Game Review

Daniel Gresly 22/07/2020

Lost Cities is a classic card game from master designer Reiner Knizia. But can a 20 year old game hold up today? Find out in Daniel's review!

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