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Pandemic Legacy Season Zero Intel

Top 5 Board Games For Non Olympics Fans

Joey Wiseman 10/08/2021

Some people dislike the Olympics. Here's a list of board games for non Olympics fans. Read our list of games to distract from the excitement!

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Tichu Feature Image

Tichu Review

Andrew Milne 26/07/2021

Tichu is a trick-taking, climbing card game. This fun game puts a twist on a pack of cards, including four new cards! Read more here!

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Let’s Play: Colt Express

Mitch 07/07/2021

In today's Lets Play we head out to the wild west and try to steal from the Union Express as we take a look at Colt Express by Ludonaute. In Colt express you take the role of a bandit trying to loot the Union Pacific train.

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Quadropolis Review

Andreas 07/07/2021

In the first of a regular review series, we take a look at the Quadropolis board game, the latest from renowned publisher Days of Wonder.

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Happy Little Dinosaurs Feature

Happy Little Dinosaurs Review

Tom Langston 05/07/2021

What happens when a cutesy art style is used to show an apocalyptic event? Find out in Happy Little Dinosaurs!

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Top Six Games Similar To Cluedo

Tom Harrod 04/07/2021

So, what titles would I recommend to fans of classic Cluedo? Here are six amazing alternatives for gamers that fancy themselves as super-sleuths…

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monkiers boxes

Monikers Review

John Hunt 29/06/2021

Find out everything you ever needed to know about the game Monikers. How to play, how to win (or lose!) here at Zatu Games.

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The Prodigals Club Review

Top 5 Games For Varied Tastes

Many of us have had to make changes to our lives in the past year, including in our gaming groups. Here's a guide to games for groups with varied tastes!

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Board Game Spotlight – Cash ‘N’ Guns

Josh 23/04/2021

It's time for another Board Game Spotlight here at Zatu Games and today we take a closer look at the award-winning party game Cash 'N' Guns by Repos Production.

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Qwirkle Review

Qwirkle Review

I’ve had a copy of Qwirkle for a few years now. Up until about two years ago, it was one of about three board games I possessed. Read on here.

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