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Games for the Pub - Sheriff of Nottingham

5 Games Perfect for the Pub

Louise Grady 06/08/2021

Whether you’re a pub landlord orjust looking to grab a drink and have some fun, here are some games that are ideal for the atmosphere and space of a pub.

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Room 25 Board Game Review

Room 25 (Base Game & Season 2 Expansion) Review

Nathan Coombs 23/07/2019

Room 25 is a novel game from Matagot. You explore the grid, find the exit and escape within eight or 10 turns, avoiding hazards, lethal areas and traps.

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Treasure Island Unboxing

VIDEO: Treasure Island Unboxing

Josh 15/03/2019

Treasure Island is based on the much-loved novel of the same name and has gone down a treat here at Zatu Games. Watch our unboxing video today.

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Treasure Island Board Game Review

Treasure Island Review

Andru Keel 05/03/2019

Treasure Island, designed by Marc Paquien and published by Matagot, is a 2-5 player game of hide and seek. Will you be able to find the gold?

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Inis Board Game Review

Inis Board Game Review

Paul Bone 08/11/2017

In Inis, you play a band of Celtic warriors, competing to claim ownership of a newly discovered island. Find out more in our review.

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