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Rise of The Red Skull

Marvel Champions: The Card Game – Rise of Red Skull Review

Introducing 5 new villains to Marvel Champions play as Crossbones, Taskmaster, Zola, Absorbing Man and The Red Skull in Rise of The Red Skull

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Marvel Champions Quicksilver Review

Marvel Champions: Quicksilver Review

I have been having an absolute blast with the pre-constructed deck for Quicksilver. It's a fun deck to play. Read the full review here.

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Marvel champions the once and future kang review

Marvel Champions: The Once and Future Kang Review

The Once and Future Kang is unlike any villain you have faced before. Read our blog for our thoughts on this Marvel Champion pack here.

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Marvel Champions Scarlet Witch Review

Marvel Champions: Scarlet Witch Review

Scarlet Witch has the power to bend reality and create random events. Does she have control of her powers, or do the powers control her?

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Marvel Champions Ant-Man Review

Marvel Champions: Ant-Man Review

With the ability to grow to giant size or shrink down to tiny form, Ant Man is ready for anything. Read our review of the latest hero pack here.

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Marvel Champions Wasp Hero Pack Review

Marvel Champions: Wasp Hero Pack Review

The Wasp Hero Pack is a very cool hero to play with. There are some interesting combos to be found. Read more about it here.

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Ms. Marvel Hero Pack Feature

Marvel Champions: The Card Game – Ms. Marvel Hero Pack Review

Ms. Marvel joins the Marvel Champions fray. What does this flexible hero add to the card game? Hero wannabe Matt finds out!

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