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foothills feature

Foothills Review

Nathan Coombs 24/02/2021

I bought Foothills for two reasons; to enjoy playing a slimmed-down Snowdonia game and to snag a gaming bargain. Here are our thoughts!

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Mandala Feature

Mandala Review

Nick Welford 02/09/2020

Mandalan is a two player abstract game that comes with a table cloth. If you need anymore convincing it is also a cunning set collection game!

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Patchwork Feature

How To Play Patchwork

Kirsty Hewitt 29/06/2020

Patchwork is a game about sewing a quilt! Who doesn't want to do make a quilt? Kirsty is on hand with all the ins and outs...

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Introduction to Alexander Pfister

An Intro to…Alexander Pfister

Tom Harrod 11/11/2019

Board games from Alexander Pfister offer varying mechanisms that dovetail and compliment each other. Let's take a look at his collection.

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Bärenpark - The Bad News Bears Expansion Review

Bärenpark: The Bad News Bears Expansion Review

Kerry Tindell 10/09/2019

The Bad News Bears (2019) is the first expansion for the popular polyomino game Bärenpark by Phil Walker-Harding and publisher Lookout Games.

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News Round-Up - Godzilla Card Game

News Round Up: New Partnerships and Godzilla The Card Game

In the news this week; There is a Godzilla card game on the horizon, new partnerships are made, and the Dice Settlers world is expanding. 

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How to Play Isle of Skye

How To Play – Isle of Skye

Ben Herbert 22/05/2019

Isle of Skye is a tile placement, auction, territory building, strategy game for two to five players. Learn how to play this title from Lookout Games today.

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Isle of Skye Review

Isle of Skye Review

Ben Herbert 01/05/2019

Isle of Skye is a tile placement, auction, territory building, strategy game for two to five players from Alexander Pfister and Andreas Pelikan.

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Cave Vs Cave Era II - The Iron Age Preview

Caverna: Cave Vs Cave – Era II: The Iron Age Preview

Ben Herbert 14/03/2019

In Cave Vs Cave Era II: The Iron Age, a new era is upon our decoration obsessed dwarven cave dwellers. We now have access to iron, ore, livestock.

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Riverboat Board Game Review

Riverboat Review

Louis Noble 25/02/2019

At its heart, Riverboat is a farming game - crops are selected, planted, harvested and then shipped down the Mississippi.

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