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bushs board game thing episode 21

Bush’s Board Game Thing Episode 21: Bored Games

Beth 11/03/2021

In Bush's Board Game Thing episode 21, Andy, Brian and Jess will be giving you their top boredom-busting games, from RPGs to party games!

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ticket to ride london feature

Board Game Big Kid or Mini-Me?

favouritefoe 22/02/2021

We should really start this debate with a few more fundamental questions; what are kids games? And why are they somehow different from proper games?

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pandemic the cure feature

Lockdown Drove My Family to Tabletop Gaming

Seb Hawden 10/02/2021

While the world is going through turmoil and while we are trapped indoors, some solace can be taken from perhaps taking up a new hobby during lockdown.

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Nemesis Feature

Further First Games Post Lockdown!

Nick Welford 28/01/2021

More post lockdown games are suggested by our bloggers. Those games that really sparkle at higher player counts or need a lot of interaction!

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beyond the sun header

Post Lockdown Playing Priorities!

Nick Welford 26/01/2021

Being in lockdown and not being able to socialise in person is pretty hard. Our bloggers tell you what games they will be playing first once they can!

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lockdown gaming feature (1)

Lockdown Gaming – Broadening my Thematic Horizons

I’m looking forward to building a game collection that will offer years of fun, post lockdown gaming.

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lockdown gaming feature

Lockdown Gaming – Picking a Meatier Game

I feel like in terms of board gaming as a hobby, I have gone from zero to 100 miles an hour in a little over a year.

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What We've Been Playing Image

What we’ve been playing November 2020

Amber 04/12/2020

We revisited a few old favourites as well as trying some new releases too. As we’re back in full-on lockdown, there's lots of solo gaming!

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the big lockdown feature

The Big Lockdown Preview

Beth 13/11/2020

The Big Lockdown is an easy-to-learn card game that combines strategy, luck and a love of hand sanitiser.

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virtual vs irl gaming feature

Virtual vs IRL Gaming

Ivy Gilmore 13/10/2020

Online and virtual gaming have been a great way to learn new games and keep the game night void sated during lockdown.

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