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Rise to Nobility: New To Kickstarter

Martyn Poole 05/04/2017

Martyn Poole speaks with Final Frontier Games about Cavern Tavern and their brand-new Kickstarter project, Rise to Nobility.

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Peak Oil Kickstarter Preview

Martyn Poole 04/04/2017

This week I had a sneak peek at a new Kickstarter game called Peak Oil, created by the guys over at 2Tomatoes Games.

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DIG – New to Kickstarter

Martyn Poole 30/03/2017

We take a look at DIG, a kickstarter project by Mangrove Games. The artwork on this game is a throwback to classic video games.

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Mutant Crops: Kickstarter Review

Rory Somers 23/03/2017

In Mutant Crops you are growing and selling giant, mutated crops that need water and meat to grow, flourish and reach their full potential.

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Vikingar New To Kickstarter

Vikingar: New to Kickstarter

Martyn Poole 22/03/2017

This week’s New to Kickstarter board game is one I had the chance to play, and its called Vikingar.

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Get Off My Land: New To Kickstarter

Martyn Poole 11/03/2017

This week’s New to Kickstarter feature game is Get Off My Land! by First Fish Games. This is the first Kickstarter project from the company on KS.

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The Last Garden: New to Kickstarter

Martyn Poole 07/03/2017

In the second edition of my New To Kickstarter blog series I had the chance to look at a game called The Last Garden and speak to its designer/publisher Chris Rowlands from One thousand XP!

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Cauldron Master

Cauldron Master: New to Kickstarter

Martyn Poole 01/03/2017

In the first of a weekly series Zatu Games guest blogger, Martyn Poole, takes a look at a brand-new board game which will be released onto Kickstarter this week. This week he takes a look at Cauldron Master by Alley Cat Games!

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Kickstarter: An idea becomes reality

Martyn Poole 01/03/2017

As any fan of board gaming will tell you, we all have the moment where we think we could create a game that would sell like hot cakes. This article takes a look at the steps you'll need to take in order to make your gaming dreams come true!

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Kickstarter – Friend or Foe?

Martyn Poole 23/02/2017

For many board game designers, publishers and buyers Kickstarter is a very common place. Here are some pros and cons of the service, including comments from publishers who actually use Kickstarter.

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