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Meet The Steel Colosseum Robots Insectoid

Meet The Steel Colosseum Robots: Insectoid

Hope 09/05/2022

Insectoid was built for stealing secrets. It can crawl, climb, and run with extreme agility - all while keeping out of sight.

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Meet The Steel Colosseum Robots Magnetron

Meet The Steel Colosseum Robots: Magnetron

Hope 06/05/2022

Magnetron isn't quick on its feet, but what it lacks in speed and endurance, it makes up for in armour... and did we mention the giant magnet?

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Steel Colosseum - Meet Sentinel

Meet the Steel Colosseum Robots: Sentinel

Beth 06/05/2022

Built for war, these units would roll out in a long line on the battlefield. Sentinel is the only robot whose weapon can attack at range.

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steel colosseum meet shiba zero

Meet The Steel Colosseum Robots: Shiba Zero

Hope 29/04/2022

Shiba Zero is a scrappy robot. It may not be the toughest, but it's got a good amount of armour - and you can teach it all kinds of tricks.

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Meet the Steel Colosseum Robots: Relay

Beth 29/04/2022

Relay is the fastest robot in the game. And with its asymmetrical arms for added manoeuvrability, Relay is packing all kinds of punches.

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Pet Evil Cover

Pet Evil Review

Rob Wright 29/03/2022

Pet Evil is a set-building PVP for two to six players designed by Joe Liano and ‘published’ by GamesQuest.

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Night Parade of a Hundred Yokai Review

Night Parade of a Hundred Yokai Review

Northern Dice 30/12/2021

Night Parade of a Hundred Yokai is a beautifully produced, excellently fun game of Yokai area control. It hits hard and is easy to grasp!

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Sanctuary Keepers Era review feature

Sanctuary: The Keepers Era Review

Thom Newton 09/12/2021

Let's take a look at Sanctuary: The Keepers Era. Founded on Kickstarter, Sanctuary intrigued me with it's positional placement mechanic.

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Raid Review

Raid Word Preview

favouritefoe 09/09/2021

Having played it with many, RAID is a great family option – after all, who doesn’t like beating their nearest and dearest!?

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Deck chairs on the titanic review

Deckchairs On The Titanic Preview

Nathan Coombs 26/07/2021

Despite the name, Deckchairs on the Titanic is a colourful, abstract game built on a theme. Component quality is extremely good!

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