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Dead By Daylight, Major Update & Gameplay Changes

Adam Goddard 27/07/2022

Dead by Daylight... major changes across the board to both survivors and killers and quality of life changes.

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Final Girl Boxes 1

Final Girl Review

Thom Baylay 20/06/2022

Looking for a new horror game? Have a read through this review explaining the ins and outs of Final Girl, a new horror board game!

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Betrayal At House On The Hill 3rd Edition Review

Betrayal At House On The Hill 3rd Edition Review

Luke Pickles 26/04/2022

However, if you’ve enjoyed Betrayal and haven’t picked it up, I’d highly recommend getting the Betrayal At House On The Hill 3rd edition.

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Terrors of London Feature

Terrors of London Review

Terrors of London is a horror-themed card game. The artwork, flavour text, theme, and game mechanisms are all outstanding.

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Ultimate Werewolf Feature

Ultimate Werewolf Review

Rik Thorpe 19/01/2022

Ultimate Werewolf is a party game. If you enjoy lying shamelessly to your family and friends, then you will love this game.

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Horrified Review

Andrew Clifton 13/10/2021

Having played and enjoyed Jaws by Ravensburger, it was now a must that I get my hands on Horrified and it didn't disappoint!

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The night cage review

The Night Cage Review

Northern Dice 30/09/2021

Plunge yourself and up to four others into the abyss as you try to escape an ever changing labyrinth. Can you escape The Night Cage?

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veilwraith header

Veilwraith Review

Your job as a Veilwraith is to traverse the void, seeking out five keys to a portal that will let you escape. Alas, you are not alone.

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resident evil 7 biohazard review feature

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Review

Tristan Pike 09/09/2021

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is a triumphant return to form for the series. Capcom is embracing the series' horror roots once again.

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Top 6 Pulse-Pounding Games

Top 6 Pulse-Pounding Board Game

Ryan Hemming 10/08/2021

With the Halloween season descending upon us, I expect some gamers will be out seeking a thrill. Here're six pulse-pounding board games for you.

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