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Essen - Orleans Plague

Top 10 Pick’s From Essen 2023

Luke Pickles 05/10/2023

For now, let's see what Luke is highlighting for the biggest convention in Europe - Essen Spiel 2023! Are they better than last year?

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essen hotlist - 3 ring circus

Top 10 Essen Hot Picks 2023

Luke Pickles 03/10/2023

Essen 2023 is just around the corner and here, in front of your eyes, is a list of games to get excited for!

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Essen 2022 - Everything You Need To Know

Essen 2022 – Everything You Need To Know

Jim Cohen 17/10/2022

Is Essen Spiel the best board game convention in the world? Why do we love it so much and more importantly, what do you need to know?

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essen 2022 - gwt argentina

Expansions To Look Out for At Essen 2022

Luke Pickles 30/09/2022

We've seen the games to expect at Essen 2022, but more excitingly, what about sequels and expansions... Have a read and find out.

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essen 2022 - deal with the devil

What To Look Out For At Essen 2022

Luke Pickles 30/09/2022

Essen 2022 is right around the corner, and from what we know so far, we are not disappointed. Here are 9 new games to expect to see at Essen!

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Ultimate Board Game Destinations - Essen

7 Ultimate Destinations for Board Game Fanatics

Bill Gordon 28/05/2021

All major cities in the world have annual conventions dedicated to board games, and we've put together the top seven board game destinations for you to see.

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spiel feature

All Set to Spiel: A Quick Guide to SPIEL.digital

favouritefoe 19/10/2020

Hold on to your virtual hats, board gamers, for this week comes the hottest date in our collective calendar; Essen Spiel 2020 is here!

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Nick's Christmas Picks

Nick’s Christmas Wishlist!

Nick Welford 07/12/2017

All I want for Christmas isssssssssssssss YOU! And about a million board games! Our writers share their Christmas Wishlist choices!

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Asking for Trobils Review

Asking for Trobils Review

Martyn Poole 20/11/2017

In Asking for Trobils, the idea of the game is to be the best hunter of the creatures called Trobils. Find out more in Martyn's latest review.

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Essen Spiele Round-Up

A Look Back at our Trip to Spiele

Mitch 14/11/2017

We were fortunate enough to head to Essen this October for Spiele! Here are just a few of the amazing board games we managed to get our hands on.

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