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Detective: Season One Revealed

News – Detective: Season One Revealed

Portal Games have revealed that Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game will be re-implemented as Detective: Season One.

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Diary of an Essen Newb

Diary of an Essen Newb

Nick Welford 18/10/2019

This year I am going to Essen for the first time. I am simultaneously excited and petrified for the event. Thankfully, I have a plan!

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Essen 2019 - Top 5 intriguing Games - Save The Meeples

Essen 2019 – 5 Intriguing Games to Look Out For

Nick T 18/10/2019

I have trawled through the early releases and games scheduled for debuts at Essen Spiel 2019. Here are five intriguing games to keep an eye on.

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Essen 2019 - Queenz Preview

Essen 2019 – Queenz Preview

Pete Douglas 17/10/2019

Queenz is a game all about flowers, bees and the beekeeper. Can you grow the right combinations of flowers in your field?

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Essen - A Slice of its History

Essen and a Slice of its History

Northern Dice 17/10/2019

Essen SPIEL is without a doubt one of the most popular gaming conventions in the world. Join us as we look at some of the more notable unveilings yearly!

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Essen 2019 - Slyville Game Preview

Essen 2019 – Slyville Preview

Pete Douglas 16/10/2019

Slyville, by Hexy Studio, is a great game of backstabbing, sly shenanigans for 3-5 people. You play a guild master, operating in the city of Slyville!

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Sit Down! Games - Essen 2019 Reveal

Essen 2019 – Sit Down! Games reveal five new titles

Northern Dice 16/10/2019

Essen SPIEL is nearly upon us and game after game is being announced. Sit Down! Games have joined those numbers with multiple titles revealed.

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Board & Dice - Walk the Hall for Charity

Essen 2019 – Board & Dice host Walk the Halls Charity Event

Rob Wright 15/10/2019

Board and Dice are giving gamers the chance to give something back at Essen Spiel 2019, with the launch of the Walk the Halls charity event.

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Essen Games - No Swap No Pay Preview

Essen 2019 – No Swap No Pay Preview

Pete Douglas 14/10/2019

No Swap No Pay, by Olivier Cipiere and Mandoo Games, is a fun little filler. It comes full of pirate loot, bluffing and bag building.

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