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7 Games to Give as a Wedding Present - 7 Wonders Duel

7 Wonders Tips & Tricks

Matthew Bell 16/11/2023

7 wonders is a game which, while simple on the surface, can become somewhat complex if you are looking to optimise your gameplay.

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7 wonders

Which 7 Wonders Is For You

Sam Graven 03/02/2023

Have you ever wondered which 7 Wonders is for you? (See what I did there). Well here is a rundown on which one will suit your needs!

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7 Wonders Architects Header

7 Wonders Architects Review

Nick Welford 25/05/2022

7 Wonders Architects is one of those games that deserves a spot in most peoples collections, it will become a ‘gateway’ in to the wider hobby.

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Wonders Duel Agora Expansion Review

7 Wonders Duel: Agora Expansion Review

Sophie Jones 25/01/2022

7 Wonders Duel: Agora is all about influence and controlling the senate. Will you be able to rise to the challenge and control the Agora?

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How to play 7 wonders

How To Play 7 Wonders

Nathan Coombs 18/11/2021

7 Wonders, by Repos Games, has developed almost a cult-like status in gaming circles. Today we're teaching you how to play.

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7 wonders 2nd edition cover art

7 Wonders 2nd Edition Review

Nathan Coombs 11/11/2020

The first edition was great, but 7 Wonders 2nd Edition is excellent. The game has been tidied, streamlined, and modernised. Read our full review here.

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7 wonders cities exp Feature

7 Wonders Cities Expansion Review

Cities arrive in 7 Wonders, what do they add to this classic card drafting game and how do they gel with the Leaders expansion? Sarah has the answers!

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Analysis Paralysis in Board Games - Terra Mystica

A Look at Analysis Paralysis in Board Games

Ben Garry 07/01/2019

Analysis paralysis is generally mentioned when a particular player gets a reputation for taking a long time to make their decision. Here are some tips on how to solve AP.

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Top 5 Essen 2018 Expansion Releases

Top 5 Most Anticipated Expansions for Essen 2018

The Game Shelf 15/10/2018

With 175+ new expansions releasing at Essen 2018, this top five list might be a good place to start your search! See which expansions make our wish list.

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7 Wonders Armada Preview

7 Wonders Armada Preview

7 Wonders Armada is an expansion, with a nautical theme ,for the core game and can be combined with any of the other expansions. Find out more today.

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