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Q&A with Tabula Games

Tabula Games Interview - Icaion

After the success of their last game, Mysthea and in the lead up to their next instalment, Icaion, coming to Kickstarter this month, I got chance to catch up with Cristina from Tabula Games, and find out more about the company and what’s to come…

When did you get into modern board gaming and how did Tabula Games begin?

The story begins in 2015. Like so many beautiful things, it all started as a joke. We had the prototype of Jewels and a talented illustrator and we said to ourselves; "let's try to launch on Kickstarter and see what happens!". We quickly understood the potential of this platform and from that moment on a process of growth and learning began - which is still ongoing today!

How long has the Mysthea Universe taken to build and create, and is this something that you can see growing and developing in to a series of games?

The Mysthea Universe was born during the development of Mysthea and has taken a more defined shape as a complete universe later during the actual campaign, when our backers showed us how much it was appreciated. We have a lot of ideas on how to develop it further, but we are also interested in creating new settings and exploring new themes for future projects, so we will see!

Obviously, with the success of Mysthea on Kickstarter, you're bound to be excited about the launch of your next campaign, Icaion. What would you say to those who didn't discover Mysthea the first-time round, to draw them into backing Icaion (based in the same universe)?

While they share the same Universe, they tell the stories two radically different societies that won't meet until "Mysthea: The Fall", so no previous knowledge of the universe is needed to enjoy Icaion to its fullest!

The artwork in your games is stunning, but how else does Icaion standout in the Euro-game genre?  

Icaion is a game that blends together a variety of solid mechanics with a unique twist: resources pick up & delivery allows for worker placement interactions (Machinery). Network-building is strategical to the player in order to develop and achieve an economic engine. Everything is handled by the player's character that has to travel across the region's map to scavenge scrap, face monstrosities, and hunt a wandering Colossus which is their best shot to gather Shards (which act as points multipliers).

Players must react fast to one another's actions, choosing the most tactical of reasoning despite of what may happen due to the erratic behaviour of the Colossus. Furthermore, Icaion merges with Mysthea to give birth to a third, co-operative game, the final chapter of this saga.

If you could collaborate with any other board game publisher, creator or illustrator for a future game based in Mysthea Universe who would it be and why?

We are already collaborating with other creators right now and it's amazing! We are working with UFO Press, who are developing "Mysthea: Legends from the Borderlands" a tabletop RPG set in the Mysthea Universe. They recently funded the project on Kickstarter, and we are excited to work with them in this amazing game.

Brilliant stuff! Thanks so much for taking time out to chat to us..

Tabula Games on Kickstarter

If you liked Mysthea then you’ll love Icaion. Icaion is a competitive Engine Territory Building, Resource Management Euro game for two to four players. It comes with more than 70 highly detailed miniatures, breathe taking original illustrations from acclaimed artist Travis Anderson, and don’t delay on backing this on Kickstarter for the Limited Early Bird reward available when the campaign launches on May 21.