Terms & Conditions

Customers are allowed to buy no more than one subscription box a month per account.

Customers are not allowed to use any discount codes or victory points when buying a Subscription Box.

Customers will not receive Victory Points for purchasing Subscription Boxes

Customers that buy a subscription Box will automatically be sent a subscription box of the same type each month thereafter. Unless they choose to skip the next subscription box via the my account section on the Zatu website. Or cancel their subscription via the same page. Customers will be charged for subsequent subscription boxes using their original payment method.

The cost of the box will normally be the same as previous months box. It will also be the same as the most for a new subscriber to that box type. Should the price increase then customers will be informed by email and given 28 days’ notice.

Mystery boxes are excluded from our standard returns policy.

Should customers buy additional items from our online shop when buying a mystery box then they will all be delivered at the same time as your mystery box.

To switch your subscription from one box to another please cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe to your preferred box. Subscription changes must be made between the 1st and 24th of each month to ensure the correct box is sent and the correct payment made.

Payment for subsequent subscription boxes will be taken on the 25th of the month. You therefore must skip or cancel by the 24th of the month to avoid being sent the next subscription box.

Due to supply and demand for mystery boxes and the supplied games customers may not receive the same games as other customers that have bought the same subscription box in the same month.

Customers buying a new release subscription box will be given priority for the most in demand releases of the month where demand outstrips supply.

Returns Policy

Customers may return one item they receive in a mystery subscription box if it is a duplicate of a game they already own.

We ask that you take a picture of the two copies of the game together and send it to team@zatu.co.uk. We will then provide you with a freepost returns label. We will replace the returned game with a different game in your next mystery subscription box free of charge. Other than to replace a game that is already owned, we will not accept any returns of our mystery subscription boxes or their contents.

For international customers, we cannot accept returns for any items received in a mystery subscription box other than where the customer pays for the cost of the return, at which point we will follow the process above.