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Top 10 Games for Stranger Things Fans

Games for Stranger Things Fans

Stranger Things smashed Netflix’s viewing records, with the show becoming a global cult phenomenon. With references to Ghostbusters, E.T, Goonies, and Back to the Future, the show overflows with 80’s nostalgia. The non-stop action, thrills and uncanny conspiracy theories certainly creates a binge-worthy series.

Like the rest of us, you’ve probably finished the third season within less than a week. The anticipation for the next season is just too much! If you’re looking to continue the retro thrills and sci-fi horror, then look no further. Board games are a great way to enjoy the excitement and energy of the 80’s revive surge. Combining 1980’s culture with fantasy-horror and outer-space, here is a collection of board games that meet all your Stranger Things needs.

CyberPunk 2020

We begin by launching straight into a retro 1980's RPG. One bursting with high-tech weapons and city-street action! The dark future roll-playing game was initially released as Cyberpunk in 1988. Now, it is mainly referred to by its second edition title, Cyberpunk 2020. Crafted by Mike Pondsmith, the story has led to the creation of numerous adventure books.

Like any good RPG game, you begin by creating your character. There are nine various classes to choose from, each with unique abilities and skills. Cyberpunk 2020 pays homage to iconic symbols of the 1980’s with glam rock and style over substance. Set in futuristic sci-fi America and featuring a corruptible government, you can expect all the tropes of 1980's action movies. Bursting with neon lights and grungy gangs, Cyberpunk is a game made for all the Terminator or Robocop fans!

Currently, there is a growing revival of the Cyberpunk adventure books. The series is undergoing lots of hype for the release of the Cyberpunk 2077 video game, due to be released next year. We can certainly expect a lot from the Cyberpunk series in the near future, and a revival of the classic RPG.

Stranger Things - Eggo Card Game

An ideal party game, allowing for up to six players and only taking between 15-30 minutes a game. The rules are very easy, easy enough for anyone to learn, even non-board gamers. The Eggo Card Game is just one of many brilliant Stranger Things games published by Hasbro.

Choose a beloved Stranger Things character to play as, either Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Eleven, Hopper, or Barb. Each player starts with a hand of cards which entail an array of suspenseful effects. Some cards can send an unlucky player to the Upside Down. Others can reserve the order of play, or trap players into drawing more cards. Some cursed cards can summon the dreaded Demogorgon or create a rift that sucks ALL players into the Upside Down.

To escape the Upside Down and win the game, a player must get rid of all their cards. The Eggo Card Game follows a similar premise to other popular card games like Uno or Exploding Kittens. Overall, the Eggo Card Game is great fun, and even more fun for Stranger Things fans!

Monopoly Stranger Things

The uncanny happenings of Hawkins, Indiana has spilled into the most iconic board game of all time. We are all familiar with the classic capitalist game that is Monopoly. The family game that was originally published in 1935 now comes in a Stranger Things edition!

Monopoly: Stranger Things is more than just a simple re-skin of the original game, unlike some new editions of monopoly. With the disappearance of Will, the new goal of forming a search party has been added. There are so many places to look, from Steve’s pool to Castle Byers. Walkie Talkie and Blinking Lights cards replace the Community Chest and Chance cards. Vibrant art covers every corner of the board. It is clear to see that a lot of love has gone into this game.

The player pieces take inspiration from the show and 1980’s culture. And what better way is there to capture the essence of the 1980’s than with real estate? Overall, this is a great family and party game that any Stranger Things fan can enjoy. Creating an entirely new and fun way to experience the classic game.

Dungeons & Dragons: Stranger Things Starter Set

Heroes of Hawkins, come forth! Doth you and your friends believe you have what it takes to defeat the dreaded Demogorgon? Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) has been an integral aspect of each season of Stranger Things. Now you can embark on your own Stranger Things D&D adventure!

The set contains everything you need to begin. This includes the essential rules of role-playing and five pre-generated characters. Players can take on the classic roles of wizard, cleric, ranger, paladin and bard. Of course, each of these roles comes with a Stranger Things twist. Will you play the wizardly powers of Eleven, or Dustin’s bardic talents?

Pre-generated maps to aid the Dungeon Master makes this set ideal for first time DMs. The set also featuring two miniatures of the Demogorgon, which you can even paint yourself!

The Stranger Things Starter Set is a fresh way for seasoned D&D players to experience the classic adventure. It's also a great way for fans of the show to integrate into the world of RPGs. Overall, the Stranger Things edition has received positive reviews from even the most adept D&D players. Playing D&D is a fantastic way to hang out with friends, clearly exemplified by the Stranger Things kids!

Betrayal at Baldur's Gate

If you are looking for something less intense than D&D, but you still want the fun fantasy experience, then look no further. Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is a 3-6 player exploration and adventure game based on the lore of D&D. Designed by Chris Dupuis and Mike Mearls, players can expect exploration, adventure, dice rolling and treacherous traitors. Baldur’s Gate follows the same premises of the successful ghost-busting game, Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Choose your fighter. The 12 different characters add tonnes of replay-ability. From druid, monk, bard, or ranger, your party possibilities are endless! With each character having unique abilities and upgradable stats. All the madness and mayhem of fighting monsters is a guarantee. But can you and your party take on Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate?

Unlike D&D, Baldur’s Gate is a lot less complex and takes a lot less time to play. Baldur’s Gate only takes around 60 minutes to play. You won’t find yourself trapped around the table for 10-hour long campaign, unlike the Stranger Things kids.

Last Friday

Last Friday is the ideal game for those who enjoy the darker side of Stranger Things. Suspenseful situations, thrilling plot lines, and things that go bump in the night all add up to a binge-worthy experience. Just like Stranger Things, Last Friday is best enjoyed on a dark night!

Created by Antonio Ferrara and Sebastiano Fiorillo in 2016, Last Friday is a horror board game based upon the Friday the 13th franchise. More and more suspense will seize players with every new chapter of the game. As a one verse all game, one player controls the illusive psycho killer while the rest fight for their lives. As the killer, you move around the board unseen whilst stalking the campers and setting out traps. The campers can run, but they can’t hide!

Last Friday is a high energy game for 3-6 players, with all the typical tropes of 80’s cheesy horror. Full of mystery, murder and all the madness of a hidden movement game. In the chaotic camping trip from hell, will you fight back and hunt for the killer? Unite together with your friends in the daylight to rid the camp of evil once and for all. Or will run for the hills and hide? Either way, running around in the dark with a threat lurking in the shadows could scratch that Stranger Things itch.

Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game

Boss Monster contains all the retro goodness of classic arcade games. Unfortunately, arcades are a rarity these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the Palace Arcade experience!

Boss Monster is a dungeon building card game for 2-4 players, designed by the O’Neals. Bursting with pop culture references, as a game heavily inspired by retro video games and classic nerd culture. Expect references to the Lord of the Rings, Donkey Kong, Robocop, Castlevania, and, of course, Super Mario Bros.

Experience an unconventional side-scrolling game, with a goal of destroying as many heroes as you can. Each player has a dungeon to build and Boss Monster to fight as. Lure the doomed heroes into your dungeon and defeat them with the most epic combo! In this nostalgia nerd’s dream come true, be the best villain and the toughest boss in the arcade!

Trivial Pursuit: Stranger Things Back to the 80's

So, you want to go back to the 80’s, but you don’t have a time travelling DeLorean? Well, its not time travel, but it’s the closest thing to it, potentially.

Hasbro has contributed to many classic games for decades, all the way back to the early 1920’s. Calling all 1980’s and Stranger Things geeks, eat your heart out! This edition of Trivial Pursuit features 1500 unique questions that all fans should be clued up on! The question categories range from movies, music, celebrities, trends and techs from the 80’s, and of course Stranger Things!

But wait, there is an extra twist with the flip of the board. This takes players to the Upside Down! Keeping in touch with the Stranger Things theme, dimensional portals cover the board. These portals pose a threat, as players risk losing points if they enter the Upside Down.

Overall, this is a fresh and exciting new way to play Trivial Pursuit. An ideal and light-hearted board game for any Stranger Thing fan or 1980’s fanatic!

Hard City

This game is for those who desire to channel their inner Police Chief Hopper or Robocop. Take on the role of a cop as you fight for the neon-lit streets of Hard City. But as a police officer of Hard City, crime is not the only thing you’ll be fighting. The shady mad scientist Doctor Zero has unleashed a mutant disaster upon the civilians of Hard City. With heroic cops, evil scientists, and monstrous mutations, Hard City has all the ingredients needed for a Stranger Things experience!

Hard City is the huge Kickstarter success from Hexy Studio. It's due to be released at the end of 2019. Guns will be blazing in this action ‘dungeon crawler’ style board game, with the one verses all battle style. Will you fight for justice as a cop, or wreak havoc as an evil genius?

Hard City is built on 80’s aesthetic and bright colours, being heavily inspired the decade's action movies. Hard City has all the suspenseful fights and evil mutants a Stranger Things fan could wish for! There is plenty of anticipation and high expectations for this upcoming game.

Eldritch Horror

Cross between portals to different and dangerous dimensions. In Eldritch Horror you will find yourself hopping between perilous portals, not too dissimilar to the Upside Down! Eldritch Horror is an action-based mystery solving game, created by Corey Konieczka and Nikki Valens. Much like Stranger Things, you and your friends are tasked with bringing to light the dark conspiracies of the universe.

To save humanity, you must work as a team. Eldritch Horror is a co-operative game for 1-8 players. Co-ordination and co-operation within your party is key. Only together can you stop the impending doom of humanity.

Not only will you be fighting other-worldly monsters, but the corruptible governments may also turn against you. It appears that Stranger Things may well have taken inspiration from the likes of Eldritch Horror and HP Lovecraft. Was anyone else reminded of Cthulhu with the zombie armies and a giant tentacle monster? But anyway, Eldritch Horror is a fantastic and highly-rated game. It's certainly worth checking out if you’re a fan of Stranger Things or dark sci-fi!