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Stranger Things: The Upside Down Board Game Announced

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

Stranger Things fans, this one is for you! There is not a single doubt just to how successful the original Netflix series has become over the years and how with each season the fandom grows even bigger! The show's 4th season has recently come to a close on the streaming service with many fans desperately wanting more. With relatable, loveable characters, catchy phrases and storylines enriched with huge quantities of Dungeons & Dragons lore, it's rather hard resist.

CMON Games has officially announced that they will be publishing a brand new Stranger Things board game.

The game is titled "Stranger Things: The Upside Down" and the 2023 release has been designed by none other than Rob Daviau - the name behind the infamous Pandemic Legacy games. The news broke during The Dice Tower's 2022 Summer Spectaular show.

There hasn't been too much information regarding the game itself so far, no images, or components have been shown, although Daviau did go on to say that "it's 99% done, there's a few things we are changing around. I'm very proud of this game, we've got Netflix, the Duffer Brothers (the creator of the Stranger Things series) have played it and that was a thrill."

He continues to explain a few small details of the upcoming title by letting us know that "It is a co-operative game and you're trying to save Hawkins from the Upside Down, thats all we can really say".

In the short video clip Daviau admits he was a huge fan of Dungeons & Dragons back in the 80s at the age of 12 and is really excited to be working on this project.

It will be interesting to see just what style of game play that The Upside Down will have in store for it's future gamers. Rob Daviau mentioned his love for D & D, could we potentially see some role play elements in there perhaps? Could his statement be a clue? We can only wait with excitement and anticipation.

If you're a fan of the huge Netflix series Stranger Things and you are just too impatient to wait for The Upside Down to be released, then it might be worth checking out a few other games related or themed upon the series.

Monopoly have recently added a Stranger Things Season 4 edition to it's endless chain of titles, there is also Stranger Things: Attack of the Mind Flayer - a bluffing game to find out just who is under the control of the Mind Flayer. Or if you want to go

down to the route of the show's source material you could always check out the Dungeons & Dragons Stranger Things Starter Set. This is where you will take on one of the many known pre-made roles within the world of D & D playing along in the actual campaign that was created by Mike Wheeler in series 1 of the show. Pretty awesome right? It's a great way to get yourself aquainted with the basics of Dungeons & Dragons as a newbie to the world of RPG or even veterans of D & D can just play along for the enjoyment of starter set's Stranger Things theme.

There is no doubt that we will have a review of Stranger Things: The Upside Down in time, so keep checking back for any updates or future reviews. And in the mean time, do not go trying to befriend a Demogorgan (Yes Dustin Henderson, we are looking at you).