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Story Of Many Preview


Calling all Fantasy enthusiasts; this is the board game for you!

Haunted Mill Games announces their latest release; "Story Of Many," a dynamic cooperative board game for 1-4 players. Against a fantasy backdrop, this game promises a one-of-a-kind gaming adventure with expansive opportunities for storytelling, character development and combat.


Boasting a staggering 400,000+ words of adventure text, the plot variations are endless. Praised by game designer George Pissas himself, Story Of Many is estimated to generate over 200 hours of unique gameplays.

Going beyond traditional gameplay by incorporating a dynamic campaign system, Story of Many offers a narrative-driven adventure. Within this framework, players find themselves at the helm of decision-making, as their choices become intrinsic to the evolving storyline. This depth not only adds layers to the narrative but also enhances the replayability of the game, as players are encouraged to explore different choices, traverse through varying landscapes and take on countless battles. This game truly is in your hands.

Embark on a journey into a world brimming with rich lore, secrets, and impactful choices; unveil treasures, discover hidden rumours and encounter unexpected challenges in a meticulously detailed environment.

The Map

Open world exploration is a core feature of Story of Many; capturing the spirit of a true adventurer. The map itself showcases the expansive regions of Varda, each with its unique landscapes, challenges, and opportunities. From dense rainforests and uncharted islands, to ruins, sprawling eldritch cities and treacherous dungeons, players will encounter diverse environments that shape their gameplay.


Featuring 200 original enemies, gameplay is action packed, fast-paced, and ensures new combat experiences with each play. Progressing through the game is nothing short of a bloodbath!

Using dice and intricately sculpted miniatures, combat is resolved. In return for the HP lost when defeating foes and exploring, characters gain experience and the opportunity to develop their abilities and skills. Inspired by the class progression systems found in video games like Path of Exile and Final Fantasy X, development is achieved in the form of spells, abilities and trigger actions, meaning no two characters are the same!

Final Thoughts

This board game will undoubtedly engage all RPG fans, but the extensive world building will also make its mark in the co-op game universe. Don't miss out on this extensive fantasy masterpiece – it's a game changer!