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Steel Colosseum Expansions Revealed

Steel Colosseum Expansions

Have you heard? Steel Colosseum is now live on Kickstarter! Steel Colosseum is a competitive team combat arena game for 1-4 players, featuring a series of scraps between two teams of two customisable fighting robots. We've been working with designers James M Hewitt and Sophie Williams of Needy Cat Games to bring immersive robot wars action right to your tabletop. If you'd like to learn more about Steel Colosseum, check out our introduction blog.

Thanks to our incredible backers, Steel Colosseum hit its funding goal in less than two hours! So far, we've made it through three of our stretch goals. Now you can look forward to upgraded cards, additional arena hazards, and Kickstarter exclusive component upgrades. But that's not all! We've also got two fantastic expansions in the works. These will add new characters and cards to customise the way you play - and, yes, more robot minis!

Signature Moves Expansion

While the robots are undoubtedly exciting, we would have no Steel Colosseum without their Operators! Each Operator has their own set of unique skills to help you elevate your gameplay. From hacking to mimicking other players' abilities, the Operators add a whole new level of strategy.

The Signature Moves Expansion brings two new competitors to the circuit. You'll also get over 50 new cards full of attitude, style, and flair. Your opponents will never know what's coming next!

Cutting Edge Expansion

The six house robots of the Steel Colosseum are hardy and easy to operate at every level. But what if you could master a machine that gives more of a challenge? Shock and surprise your opponents by partnering up with four new experimental robots. From a four-legged battering ram to a rather round feline, these additions come with plenty of chaotic fun that'll keep every player on their toes.

As well as new minis, the Cutting Edge Expansion comes with 50 new cards and bonus components.

3D Obstacles Upgrade Set

Upgrade the look of your game! This set of 12 plastic scenery pieces brings the obstacles on your board to life. You'll find detailed miniatures in four different designs, with three of each supplied, designed to replace the cardboard obstacle tokens that come with the base game.

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Want to know more? We've got plenty of insider info on Steel Colosseum on our blog and social media. Give us a follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get all of our most important updates. Remember to check out our introduction post, as well as our Meet the Robots and Meet the Team series, to learn more about the game and all of the great personalities who worked on it!