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Starcadia Quest: Showdown Expansion Preview

Showdown - Starcadia Quest Expansion Preview

In households across the world debates often rage about who the greatest footballer of all-time is, who the greatest boxer of all-time is, who the greatest politician of all-time is and of course(!), who the greatest Arcadian of all-time is. These disputes may never get a definitive answer… Oh, wait, we can now find out who the greatest Arcadian of all-time is, thanks to Showdown, the new expansion for Starcadia Quest!

“The geniuses at the No-Nonsense Expert Research Division (NERD) have at long last completed their greatest creation: The Hollow Deck! Choose from a library of adversaries, friends, or frenemies to battle against their Hollow-Image! Even figures of legend from Ancient Arcadia can be brought to life with their bizarre powers and abilities updated to the latest technology!”

Showdown brings Starcadia Quest and the Arcadia Quest series together in a brand-new, full player-versus-player death match. Players battle their adversaries in an arena and can draft new upgrade tokens that come with the expansion and are tailored to smashing your opponents to the cold metal floor.

Enter the Arena

The arena comes as a double-sided board. One side has been designed for 3-4 players, and the other for two-player action. The claustrophobic arenas are designed for confrontation, with the first crew to kill three adversaries emerging triumphant.

As well as the Starcadian heroes, Showdown contains cards for 60 heroes from the following Arcadia Quest series boxes.

Plus, there are also cards for Arcadia Quest Pets and Mounts, meaning you’ll be able to bring your favourite furry companions into the future!

Starcadia Quest: Showdown - Coming Soon

The new game mode gives a different lease of life to Starcadia Quest (and indeed Arcadia Quest). While both games offered an episodic one-shot single scenario mode, it always felt tacked-on and never gave the same sense of satisfaction that built up in a campaign with all the rewards and weapons you would collect along the way. Where Showdown differs is that it is specifically designed for quick one-off battles.

I can see this being the mode people choose to play at their games groups. Time may be limited here, or player may be pretty transient so it may not be worth starting a campaign. I also feel Showdown may be a great way to introduce new players to the Starcadia/Arcadia Universe without tying them into a campaign.

Another great thing about Showdown is that the heroes from Arcadia Quest can also move across and be used in the regular Starcadia Quest campaign. This expands the number of available heroes exponentially!

Starcadia Quest: Showdown will be blasting into stock in Q4 2019. Pre-order your copy today.