Star Wars: Outer Rim Preview

Star Wars Outer Rim Preview

Hitting gaming tables around the galaxy very soon is Star Wars: Outer Rim, from Fantasy Flight Games. Outer Rim is the latest addition to FFG’s ever-expanding universe of Star Wars themed board games.

Thematically speaking the game sits in the space (pardon the pun) between the up close and personal X-Wing and Imperial Assault, and the galaxy-spanning Rebellion. This game is set amongst the scum and villainy of the galaxy’s outer rim. The tag line reads; “A game of bounty hunters, mercenaries and smugglers for 1-4 players”. Colour me interested.

Your Mission

Star Wars: Outer Rim (designed by Corey Konieczka and Tony Franchi) is a sandbox style game which reminds me of a stripped back Star Wars RPG meets the Fallout board game. It has card drafting, dice rolling, skill checks, pick up and deliver, and objectives to complete. You can even attempt the Kessel Run in the Millennium Falcon!

In Outer Rim players take on the roles of iconic Star Wars outlaws such ad Boba Fett and Han Solo, setting out to make their mark on the galaxy. Each character has a unique set of traits, skills and a personal goal that may guide you in a different direction to your competitors.

Players cruise from planet to planet, recruiting a legendary crew, upgrading their ship, completing missions, dodging enemies, fighting for survival, and aiming to become the most famous, or infamous outlaw in the system. Players are racing to be the first to win and there is no direct conflict between players, although you can cause them problems, allowing Outer Rim to have a solo mode which will be a big plus for a lot of players.

Fight, recruit or capture the outlaws you meet on your travels. During the game, you gain or lose reputation with the various factions in the Outer Rim as you choose to help or hinder them for your own personal gain. Fulfilling goals set by the factions and your own personal goal will bring you fame. But handling jobs, bringing in bounties, delivering illicit cargo, picking fights with various factions, and using your hard-earned credits to purchase luxury items are also viable paths to victory.

Star Wars Outer Rim - Game Components (Credit: Fantasy Flight Games)

Is Outer Rim for You?

Of course, this game will appeal to Star Wars fans, characters featured in the game have been taken from across the film franchise. Solo gamers also get to enjoy this game which is a big plus.

The graphic design and art appear very clean, and user-friendly. It also looks like production quality is up to the same high standards we expect from Fantasy Flight. The overall aesthetic of the game is in line with the other Star Wars games from FFG.

In general Outer Rim seems like it’s going to be far more accessible than other Star Wars games in the Fantasy Flight line. It’s not limited to two players like a number of the other offerings. The gameplay is relatively straightforward, with three phases to follow each turn. Finally, though there will no doubt be expansions for Outer Rim as they add more characters, ships and job cards, however it lacks the collectable element that can make games such as Armada too expensive for some, and that’s a bonus.

After the success of Star Wars: Rebellion, Outer Rim seems like a logical step and a move into big box board games that have the potential to appeal to people on their own merit and not just on the Star Wars theme.

Star Wars: Outer Rim is scheduled for release in quarter two of 2019.