Board Game Spotlight: Viticulture Essential Edition

Viticulture: Essential Edition

Ah the wineries of Tuscany, what a peaceful and idyllic location however as you will see the competition can get quite tense as we take a look at Viticulture: Essential Edition.

Viticulture is a one to six player game in which players have inherited a meagre vineyard, and it is their dream to see it become a true success.

The Game

Set in rustic Tuscany, Viticulture places each player in charge of a winery. Throughout the game players will determine where is the best place for them to allocate their workers so as to get the best results, however not every season is the same as each possesses unique challenges for the wineries and new actions will become available.

Fortunately you have more than just your workers to use as people love to visit vineyards and it just so happens that many of them will be willing to help out, providing you assign a worker to supervise them.

By building structures and planting vines players will slowly work towards the goal of establishing the most successful winery in Tuscany.

The Essential Edition of this game comes with the base set as well as many components from the expansion Tuscany, including revised rules and a solo variant.

The publisher

Stonemaier Games is the creation of Alan Stone and Jamey Stegmaier. The company was founded on their dream to produce a Euro style board game, and with the initial release of Viticulture that dream was realised.

However the hype for another of their games was unbelievable.... Scythe was released in 2016 following a successful kickstarter campaign and it immediately caught everyone's attention. A worker placement, engine building game with mechs? I mean what was not to like, and it appears that many agreed as it swiftly stormed its way it to the top 100.

Stonemaier continue to go from strength to strength and it is with high hopes I look towards Charterstone - their newest release.

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