Spotlight: Thunderbirds Board Game


When the world is in danger only the Thunderbirds can save the day, and they are the target of today's spotlight.

The Thunderbirds board game was released to coincide with the franchises 50th anniversary, and sees the players taking the role of member of international rescue trying to thwart the dastardly plots of the Hood, as well as prevent natural disasters.

The Game

Thunderbirds is a cooperative game for up to four players, with each players choosing a character from the British cult classic and attempting to save the world. Each turn players will travel the globe and even into outer space to preventing disasters and stop the Hood's schemes, these will require you to manoeuvre the best characters and Thunderbirds in order to do the job.

Once prevented, the disaster will give you a reward, this bring a token that you can use to grant you a bonus during the game or save in order stop the Hood. As using these tokens to prevent all three of his schemes is the only way to win.

If you fail to prevent a scheme or you running out of time to prevent a disaster the game is lost, as international rescue cannot afford to fail.

The Publisher

Modiphius Entertainment is a British media publisher specialising in developing media that inspires their audience.

Modiphius has run a series of successful Kickstarters including Achtung! Cthulhu and the Thunderbirds board game, showing a flair for creating their own licenses as well as developing established franchises.

The Programme

The original Thunderbirds TV programme was aired between 1964 and 1966, with 32 episodes in total. The show was set in the mid-2060s and followed the exploits of International Rescue as they tried to save the world from the The Hood!

The main feature of the show was the group's fleet of vehicles which we have come to know as The Thunderbirds:

  • Thunderbird 1 - A hypersonic Rocket Plane
  • Thunderbird 2 - A supersonic aircraft carrier
  • Thunderbird 3 - A Single-stage-to-orbit spacecraft
  • Thunderbird 4 - A utility submersible
  • Thunderbird 5 - A space station!

An animated remake of the show was released in 2015 under the title of Thunderbirds Are Go!

Buy the Thunderbirds Board Game

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