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Board Game Spotlight: A Game of Thrones Hand of The King

Spotlight - A Game of Thrones Hand of the King

In today's board game spotlight we take a trip to the Red Keep as we look at A Game of Thrones Hand of The King.

Taking between two and four players and playing in 15- 30 minutes, Hand of the King sees player attempt to secure the position of the King's hand by backstabbing and scheming their way to the top.

The Game

Set within the now firmly well established A Song of Ice and Fire universe, A Game of Thrones Hand of The King is a fast paced card game of conspiracy. The game is played on a 6x6 grid comprised of characters from the books and TV show, and uses a very unique cartoon style for the characters which suits this light game very well.

Each turn players will manipulate Varys around the grid as they try to collect the most characters from each house represented. Some houses are larger than others but collecting the final member of any will trigger one of 14 unique companion abilities giving the game a great level of replay ability.

The game also features a team play mode with limited communication, making it a rather unique experience. Fans of the series will find all of their favourite characters represented here, with abilities that fit their personality, however the fast paced nature of the game and its ease of learning means that this will soon become a hit with even the most sceptical of players.

A fast play time and an small compact box means that it's never been easier to get you Game of Thrones Fix.

Behind the Game

For the uninitiated, A Song of ice and Fire is the smash hit series from author G.R.R Martin that was adapted into a television show by HBO. Set primarily on the fictitious continents of Westeros and Essos, the narrative sees the nobles houses struggling for influence and control against a back drop of murder and insidious scheming.

One of the core reasons for A Game of Thrones' success is the shock factor which G.R.R Martin wrote in, an example of this is the way he will kill off characters he had built up over a prolonged period, showing the mortality of every individual. Though this theme has come into question recently......

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