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PlayStation Pro unveiled by Sony in New York

Sony made a huge announcement last night at their PlayStation Meeting event in New York, as they unveiled the brand-new PlayStation Pro console.

There had been rumours circulating for months prior to last night's event that an updated, more powerful console was on its way - with the code name of PlayStation Neo. The months of anticipation was finally brought to an end last night with the introduction of the 4k console.

PlayStation Pro Specifications 

The PlayStation Pro has 4K compatibility, along with a faster processor and enhanced graphics. If you own a 4K TV you will now be able to play games that have been rendered in 4K resolution - 3840 x 2160 - with High Dynamic Range technology.

Sony are promising that the new consoles has twice the graphics processing power and that the PlayStation Pro will allow game developers to add much more detail to their games, including ambient lighting, particle effects and more detailed textures.

The PlayStation Pro comes equipped with a 1TB hard drive and an additional USB port at the rear of the machine. The powerful console's design is quite similar to the current PS4, with the slanted design expanding to three blocks to show-off its powerful presence.

We're about to go all technical on you but the new console's main processor consists of:

  • A single-chip customer processor
  • CPU - x86-64 AMD Jaguar - 8 Cores
  • GPU - 4.20 TFlops, AMD Radeon based graphics engine.


Several of the upcoming Triple A titles are set to support the features of the PlayStation Pro, including FIFA 17 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Sony have also said that titles that are already available on the standard PS4 will have patches released so that they can be 'upgraded'.

The company are also promising that even if you don't own a 4K TV, the PlayStation Pro will still have its benefits as all games will run in 1080p resolution.

Don't worry if you are not planning on upgrading your PS4, according to Sony you will be not be left behind in the wake of the new release. Both consoles will still play the same discs so there will be no plans of stopping production of regular PS4 games.


Alongside the games on show in New York, a few apps were also confirmed. Both Netflix and Youtube announced unique 4K versions of their apps which have been specifically designed for the PlayStation Pro.

This means you can watch all of your favourite Netflix shows on your shiny new console come November. We would expect plenty more video providers to update their content in the app store once the new console has been released.

PlayStation Slim

Alongside the PlayStation Pro, Sony also unveiled the PlayStation Slim which is set to replace the original PlayStation 4. This means that once it has been released it should just be known as the PlayStation 4.

The new model is 16% lighter than the original according to Sony and has a reduced power consumption of 28%. The volume of the machine has also been reduced by 30% but still packs all of the same components as the original.

The slim model has a sleek black design and will definitely not take up much room on your TV stand. The new PS4 will be released on September 16 with a RRP of £259 here in the United Kingdom.

Release Information

The new PlayStation Pro console is due for release on Thursday, November 10, with a price of £349. It it not yet known which bundles, if any, will be available at the launch of the new machine but I would guess that the likes of FIFA 17 and Call of Duty could be included alongside a console at some point.

Keep checking Zatu Games for all the latest news surrounding the new 4k PlayStation Pro console.

UPDATE: This product is no longer available to purchase from Zatu Games. All information above including prices were correct at the time of publishing but may not be accurate in present day.