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Shut Up & Sit Down Take Don’t Get Got

Shut Up & Sit Down
Shut Up & Sit Down

Don’t Get Got is a hilariously fun party game from the brilliant people over at Big Potato games. And they sure know how to make them. Boasting a brilliant back-catalogue including some of my favourites such as The Chameleon, 20 Second Showdown, Blockbuster and their recent release, Top of the Pops, which features a kazoo round! It's exhausting keeping up with them! Really tiring, were you up late last night? Woah I am tired. Are you feeling tired too? I cannot stop yawning… So many great games!

Like most party games, Don’t Get Got has a very simple premise. Don’t get got! You are given a series of tasks, ranging from the strange to the outright weird! For example, make up a word and get another player to ask what it means. Get another player to try and touch their nose with their tongue. That type of thing. If you complete all your missions first, you win. If someone asks you if what you are doing is part of the game, you fail that particular mission.

That’s it! It is so simple but so hilariously fun. Due to its success, there is a brilliant festive edition, the Don’t Get Got – Christmas Edition which brings in such challenges as getting another player to eat a raw Brussel Sprout and getting another player to play Last Christmas by Wham twice in the same day! You know, the one that goes Last Christmas, I gave you my art, and the very next day, you gave it away. That’s how it goes, right?

The Christmas version is very much the same game, just with some more seasonal tasks. It’s hilarious! And I love having it.  Both games work for anyone in your group or family, from age six and up I would say. As long as every player can read the short text challenges by themselves, it will be fine.  You really can’t help younger players read it, as then you will know what they are up to, but you could always play in pairs like we have done a few times.

The game works so well playing alongside other games and even just your everyday life. You don’t just sit there and play it. That would make it pretty obvious that everything you are doing is part of the game. You try and catch the other players out over the course of a few hours, days, weeks even. We had once had a game last five days until my son finally caught me out with his final task as I was distracted learning the rules of another game!

And now, the team at Shut up and Sit down, one of the best YouTube and online board game review sites out there (bar Zatu, of course) have teamed up with Big Potato to create their own set of crazy challenges in a Kickstarter version currently smashing the numbers with over 6,000 backers. But why are people going nuts for this? Do you like nuts, would you like one?

Shut Up and Sit Down have a huge loyal following on YouTube with over 300,000 followers due to their quirky review style. If anyone gets Don’t Get Got, it’s got to be the team from Shut up and Sit Down. Got it?

They are bringing us 120 brand new missions for a mere £20. It looks like this could be a great add-on if you like the original, but you certainly don’t need any other copies to enjoy this. This is a standalone sequel that has all you need in the box to play. I cannot wait to see what some of these new challenges are and to have fun with my family and friends trying to make them do all the stupid things the Shut up and Sit Down team have come up with.

It finishes on Kickstarter mid-November and then will be available on Zatu for pre-order in a few months. But until then, would one of you mind sending me an email and telling me what you dreamt about last night? Cheers.


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