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The rise and rise of Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

Funko and their Pop Vinyl figures, otherwise known simply as Pops, are absolutely everywhere! Funko has them all: Tony Stark’s Ironman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s Michelangelo and his nun-chucks, Elsa from Frozen and even Wolverine with his bone claws!

You will struggle not to find your favourite character immortalised into one of Funko’s popular Pop Vinyl collectables. Today I take a look at the reason's behind the huge success of Funko Pop vinyl figures across the globe.

Simple But Effective

All of the Pops follow the same template: standing at 3.75 inches tall in a neutral pose, the head is square with rounded edges and is quite large - accounting for half of the figure's overall height. It should have button-like black eyes with no pupils, a small nose and no visible mouth - except for a few.

This simple but stylistic model has allowed the collectable series to portray an enormous array of pop culture icons, all in a fashionable and desired format. Funko have managed to snatch up impressive licenses from the likes of Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, DC Comics, Warner Bros, Sony and DreamWorks (I could go on and on) to not only fixate them at the top spot of worldwide toy pop culture but also at the top of many people’s wish lists.

So much so that certain Pops have accumulated quite a price tag!

Everything Has A Beginning   

The story of Funko began way back in 1998 when Mike Becker founded the company after trying to find a vintage coin of the mascot for the Big Boy restaurant. He found it for several hundred dollars on eBay and found that he could purchase the license and produce the item and similar items for a fraction of that cost.

He then put his savings in and began selling nostalgia-themed toys and so Funko was born. In 2005, Becker sold the company to current CEO Brian Mariotti, a former nightclub owner and a serious collector himself.

Since 2010 he has expanded the company significantly with a revenue from 2013 of around £22.5 million - from Pop vinyl figures alone!

A Unique Concept

With so many licenses acquired for movies, TV shows, cartoons, video games, comic books and even sports stars it is no surprise that the Pops have spread all over the retail market and can be found anywhere from eBay or Amazon to the major retailers.

Sales have been overwhelming due to the unique collectable quality the Pops bring to the market. Some rare pop vinyl figures fetch quite the penny. So, whether a person is a fan of a movie, their favourite TV show, anime or classic animation; Funko cater to their neds with so many interests and unite fans under the Funko brand.

The low-cost start of any Funko, particularly around the £9 or £10, offers a potential Pop collector the opportunity for an “impulse buy” of their favourite character - giving little inhibition in starting a small collection of a series of pop culture icons.

A Franchise Set In Stone

Funko Pop is undoubtedly the biggest talked about name in collectables and for good reason. Not only do they have the sales figures to prove it but their dominating selection has created a fandom that arguably overshadows most pop culture today.

With the way in which Pops are growing and constantly developing, the horizon looks promising for the small bubble-headed figures. With the promise of a mesmerising 2017 in new movie releases and continued TV shows, Pops will unquestionably be taking advantage of the hype and everyone will be itching to get their hands on the new vinyl figures from the likes of Star Wars – The Last Jedi, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, Logan and Thor: Ragnarok.

Or perhaps they will all make their way into your collection this year! I know that I will be spending a lot of my money on them!

Funko Pop Vinyl Figures at Zatu

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