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Resident Evil 4 Remake Vs Rudimental

resident evil 4

The Resident Evil franchise is one that has entertained its players for many years, from its humble beginnings in 1996 and though all 10 of main games they offer, and now Capcom has recreated what is most likely it’s most popular game in the series, Resident Evil 4. Leon has come back with a fresh new style, new moves and new action-packed sequences to keep you on your toes.

What’s New?

There’s a lot to cover on this topic, but for now we’ll just cover the most noticeable features of the remake compared to its almost historic counterpart. Besides the obvious graphical changes and the more modern looking equipment Leon carries, there’s also some new features we wish we could’ve had back in 2005. In the 18-year gap between the original and remake Leon has learned a few new tricks, which have helped adapt gameplay immensely. Stealth mode is a game changing feature meaning Leon can now sneak up on and easily wipe out one foe after another.

The next feature I noticed is one that I’m sure we all wished we had back in the original game... Auto-sort. I lost a countless amount of time in my playthroughs of RE4 trying to sort out my attaché, putting all my herbs in the right place, trying to find a place for my weapons and attachments, and the never-ending supply of grenades, it all would’ve been made so simple with the new RE4 Remakes ability to auto sort your equipment and items, sure it may not look as aesthetically pleasing, but at least you’ll only have to spend 0.2 seconds fixing it all to fit in your new rocket launcher.

The simplest changes have made the Remake of RE4 something to stare at and admire. From small graphical details and lighting to the small mechanic of being able to freely turn the camera without having to move Leon entirely. This may seem like a small feature to most of you, but the annoyance back in the original game when you couldn’t look over your shoulder without aiming or moving Leon at a 90-degree angle.


As much as we loved the graphics of Resident Evil 4 back in 2005, they almost seem like an 8-bit game compared to the newest high-definition surroundings we see now. The lighting has become so much more dynamic, it almost feels as though you’re standing in the game yourself. Although I don’t know about you, I’d rather not face some of the horrors Leon and Ashley encounter. It really is fascinating to see a game we loved so much, so long ago in a new light. The creepy villagers look more intimidating closely, and the parasites and parasitic dogs you encounter have become more and more grim the closer you get to them.

Characters, Enemies & NPC

Many of the well-known enemies we love to hate have remained in the latest version of RE4 From the villagers to Dr. Salvador (Chainsaw Man). Even if our creepy little friend Salazar now goes by his first name (Ramon) and looks a little less intimidating for it, we’re all glad he’s still around to get his butt kicked in a violent battle of parasite vs guns.

Thankfully despite common rumors, our beloved Merchant is still in the game and as mysterious as ever. Although he now functions a little bit differently, as well as his usual buy, sell and upgrade options, the merchant will now offer smaller quests in exchange for Spinals, an excess currency if you will, used to trade in for rarer weapons, don’t worry, you don’t need to do these side missions, but they sure will help along the road to fighting Krauser and Lord Saddler. That is, if you don’t plan on getting your butt kicked a dozen times in a row.

For the fans of her adventures and charisma, Ada Wong makes her legendary appearance as expected. With a similar cut scene to the original game, Ada faces Leon and gives about as vague advice as ever. As useless as her advice may be, she surely does look stunning in her signature red dress.

Last but not least, who could forget Luis Sera? The cocky, used-to-be researcher for the umbrella corporation, found in the local village on Leon’s journey and a recurring character throughout the game. Although found in a more humorous situation in the remake, Luis is as skeptical and mysterious as he ever was in the original Resident Evil 4.


To look at both Resident Evil 4 games side by side is incredible. Not only do we see how far the style of games development has changed over the years. But we also see how much potential every old game still has in modern times. It’s safe to say that these games can be viewed in comparison to one another, or even still, they could be seen as their own individual story and style. There’s more than enough in both games to capture a newer and older audience. They’re both incredible games and have their own merits.