Recycling at Zatu Games!

Here at Zatu Games we take recycling very seriously -  we've even won the Bronze Charter Award!

So, why is it important that business's recycle?

Advantages of Recycling Business Waste

  • Environmental Benefits– Recycling business waste means less disposal to landfill and less overall harm to the environment.
  • Business Reputation– You can attract new customers, enhance your chances of winning contracts and improve customer loyalty by demonstrating your environmental responsibility through recycling.
  • Reducing Waste Costs – Managing and handling waste is costly, and reducing the amount of waste you send directly to landfill can brings large savings on landfill tax.
  • Meeting Legal Obligations – Businesses in some industries have a legal responsibility for disposal of specific products; ensuring compliance through recycling schemes means avoiding penalties, fines or worse.
  • Saving Energy – Producing some recycled products, e.g aluminium, uses far less energy than making straight from raw materials.
Recycling is important for the Enviroment

But it’s not just important that businesses recycle, everyone needs to do it.

Here are some easy tips to follow to help you improve your recycling:


  • Flatten your cardboard boxes when you put them in the recycling - you can get more of everything in your bin that way.
  • It’s more than just newspapers you can recycle as well. You can recycle your envelopes, wrapping paper, birthday cards and even phone books. All types of cardboard can also be recycled, even toilet roll tubes and drinks cartons.
  • Most metallic items are also recyclable - It’s not just cans and tins you can also recycle, but kitchen foil and even empty aerosols.
  • Why not try keeping a carrier bag in the hall for recycling your junk mail straight away?
  • Whenever you’re not sure what you can recycle, look on your local council’s website for more information.

Visit for more help, and happy recycling!