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Q&A With Certifiable Studios

Q&A Certifiable Studios
Q&A Certifiable Studios

Jesse, thank you for taking time out to talk to me, you must be really busy at the minute with a game so close to fulfilment and one about to go live on Kickstarter. I really appreciate it.

So for those who don't know; what and who are Certifiable studios and what sets you apart from other design studios?

Our lack of knowing what we’re doing! Somehow we’ve made an art out of falling gracefully.

In the interests of transparency I probably should let everyone know that I am a real fan of your games. I have had so many stand out gaming moments playing Who goes there, my face the last time I played it and realised everyone had ganged up against me and I was devoured on the helicopter was a picture!

What are your favourite games, Certifiable or otherwise and what is your favourite gaming memory?

Haha funny you should say that. I was just responding to a few WGT 2.0 comments. One of which was asking if we were going to fix the ” lack-luster ending?”

I totally get it. Just last night I wrote Ben & Jerry’s to ask if they were going to start making ice cream that's good. See what I did there? Who doesn't love ice cream?!?!

Ok, so I realise not every person on this planet likes ice cream. Does that mean it needs to be fixed? No...just means you don't like it.

I'm sorry, what was the question? Oh yeah...favourite games. I could  go on and on because there are simply SO many games out there. If I had to name current ones, it probably  wouldn't be one of ours...not that I don't like Certifiable games, it's just awesome to appreciate the hard work, design choices, and mechanics that others put into their property.

So I can name a few that had impact on me growing up, after all, those are the ones that made me do what I do today.

Top 3...

- Fireball Island had a HUGE impact on me growing up. It was the first time I could see there was a toy and a game hidden in the form of a great adventure.

- Passed several hours out at sea with Torpedo Run.

- When not attacking enemy fleets, I was soaring in the air defending my country with Screaming Eagle...where winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.

As a real fan of Who Goes there I am excited about the update. But for those who don't know could you sum up the game and what's included in 2.0?

It's a game of growing paranoia! Where ALL players start as humans and try to survive the harsh winter. In doing so, they will find themselves taking risks. This could lead to becoming infected. That's when the paranoia starts.

We added a few things to the cards to stop frustration as well as doing things to stop player elimination from occurring as often.

Looked a lot at the ending as well...clearing up the use of the final roll and even eliminating it all together.

What are you most excited about in bringing Who Goes There 2.0 to the gaming world?

Hmmm...Hearing people say how much they wanted to like it but….meh.  Haha

No, we absolutely LOVE hearing people come up to us at cons and tell us about their experiences playing it with their game groups. It's great to see their excitement about it as well as love hearing all their stories while trapped in the harsh winter while under attack from an unknown entity. They can get pretty into it.

As an artist and game designer, which tends to come first, in the development process, the art and theme or the mechanics for a game?

Depends on the game and creator.

I have had a few ideas spawn from simply creating a fun new character. You make these guys and can't help but want to send them into battle, endanger them in a world of their worst fears, or send them on a quest to recapture their souls.

And sometimes you get an idea for a fun game mechanic and give it a quick skin to help it through. It really just depends on the game I guess.

Certifiable Studios are known for running some of the best Kickstarter campaigns, how do you go about planning the campaign?

I think our lack of planning IS what makes them fun. In all honesty, our best campaigns had not been planned for at all and we were panicking the entire time. While the ones we were completely prepared for….well, just seems to be more bland.

I've seen some of your videos and the Covian's tend to send you care packages, full of coffee and sweets. If you were putting together a care package for a gamer, what would you pass their way?

A game! A sweet game with perfect inset packaging. A game that has a place for all the pieces and isn't a hassle to set up or put away. A glorious game loaded with fun artwork, high quality cards, dice and pieces.

Oh wait….

(see what I did there)

Haha. ACTUALLY we have sent out a few little goodies. Well “goodies” might be an overstatement. We have sent out THANK YOU cards and I've done little sketches in them as well as put some demo, prototype, early drafted cards in them...just because.

But yes...we have some insanely awesome backers!!!!

Do you have anything else in the pipeline that you would like to let us know about?



Altar Ego

House of Rath


I've...I've said too much...

Thank you again for your time and good luck with Who Goes There 2.0.