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A Look at the Profundity Ship Expansion for Star Wars Armada

Star Wars Armada - Profundity Ship Expansion

The Profundity ship pack expansion, for the Fantasy Flight miniature game, Star Wars Armada, adds a plethora of new options for your Rebel Fleet. The two ship types included, and featured in the expansion, are the MC75 Ordnance Cruiser and the MC75 Armoured Cruiser, coming in at 100 & 104 points respectively.

They offer a new, heavy, large ship option for the Rebel Fleet – neatly fitting alongside the other Mon Calmari vessels, such as Home One and the Liberty expansions.

The Two Ship Types

The Armoured Crusier works better at long range, featuring more blue dice on its port and starboard sides, whereas the Ordnance Cruiser specialises, as a close range, brawler vessel, boasting more black, close range dice, and including more missile slots in its upgrade bar, enabling you to include more heavy hitting upgrades, which can pierce shields and cause critical damage.

With nine hit points of hull each, these Mon Calmari ships can both take a punching, and have heavy shielding, boasting four shields to the front, and three shields to the port, starboard and rear sides.

The Defiant Admiral Raddus

Featured in the final epic battle at the end of the recent Star Wars film, Rogue One, its famous Mon Calmarian Admiral appears in the expansion, ‘Raddus’. Admiral Raddus appears for the first time in Armada, and his upgrade card gives him the epic and influential ability to drop a friendly ship out of hyperspace, right into the thick of the battle!

The Admiral Raddus upgrade allows a set-aside ship (designated at the start of the battle) to drop out of hyperspace at the start of any round, surprising and confounding the enemy! This set aside ship can appear at distance one of any friendly ship, which can certainly turn the tide of any battle.

Upgrade Cards and Chaff & Raid Tokens

The Profundity Ship Expansion Pack features a total of 14 new upgrade cards, many of which utilise the new tokens contained within the set, namely, Chaff Tokens and Raid Tokens. Chaff Tokens are placed by upgrade card effects, as specified by the cards included in the Profundity pack, and feature as a sort of ‘counter-measure’, further reinforcing selected zones of your ship.

When placed on one of the zones of your ship, all incoming fire to that zone is obstructed – which you may remember forces the attacker to lose one of their attack dice total. Raid Tokens can be placed by upgrade cards in this expansion, in particular, Jyn Erso, the heroine from Rogue One makes an appearance – she can arrive and sabotage enemy ships, and hinder their operation.

Final Thoughts on the Profundity Ship Expansion

The Profundity Ship Expansion gives you a number of extra options, not only does it feature upgrades which can be used in any number of your existing ship builds – the two ship options for the featured miniature, contained within the box, allow the Rebels to field a durable, specialised, large ship, ideal if you haven’t yet picked up the Liberty or Home One expansions.