Yugioh: Dawn of Majesty Booster Box

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NOW £58.59
RRP £83.76

you could earn 5859 victory points

Includes new members/support for the “Evil★Twin”, “Live☆Twin”, “Number”, “Pendulum”, “Fusion”, “Stigmatika”, “Chemicritter”, “Alien”, “Triamid”, “Amazement”, “Ɐttraction”, “Chronomaly”, “Solfachord”, “Gusto”, &#…
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Includes new members/support for the “Evil★Twin”, “Live☆Twin”, “Number”, “Pendulum”, “Fusion”, “Stigmatika”, “Chemicritter”, “Alien”, “Triamid”, “Amazement”, “Ɐttraction”, “Chronomaly”, “Solfachord”, “Gusto”, “Skyblaster”, “Majestic”, “Stardust”, “Synchron”, “Stigmatika”, “Springans”, and “Warrior” archetypes, as well as Gizmek and Synchro series.
Introduces the “Despia”, “Magikey” and “Suship” archetypes to the OCG/TCG, as well as the first support for “Mystical Beast of the Forest” and “Mystical Spirit of the Forest” archetypes.

This box contains 24 packs. Each pack contains 5 cards.