VS System 2PCG: Marvel – Thunderbolts

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RRP £14.99

Earn 1179 Victory Points

you could earn 1179 victory points

VS System 2PCG: Marvel – Thunderbolts – More information coming soon!
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In this final instalment to the Civil War story arc, hero on hero conflict reaches a fevered pitch as Iron Man forges new and questionable alliances with reformed super villains. This unbelievably powerful Thunderbolts team will lead the charge in hunting down and capturing the renegade heroes.

Volume 4 (Issues 4, 5, 6) Content Highlights:

200 card “Giant-Sized” issue and two 55 card Issues across 1 or more team factions!
First “Giant-Sized” Issue for the 2021 Vs. System 2PCG product line pits Iron Man and Captain America against each other!
Two 55 card expansions bolster the ranks of Pro Registration and Anti Registration teams!
14 new Main Characters and 50 new Supporting Characters across two new teams!
Customise your new team or enhance your existing decks!
Epic competitive gameplay to pit your team of Allies against your opponent’s!
“Low Barrier of Entry” for New Players.


55 playable cards

1 Rulesheet