Trepang2 - PS5

Trepang2 – PS5

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RRP £29.99
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A mysterious group breaks you out from a heavily guarded blacksite. Your memories are gone but your combat abilities are enhanced far beyond human limits. Fight back, find the truth and face a threat even deadlier than yourself.
Master your superhuman strength and speed to knock waves of heavily armed mercenaries into next week. Slow down time to dodge rapid-fire bullets and use cloaking to become invisible and snap your enemies’ necks when they least expect it.
Square up to your enemies in close quarters melee combat and go full throttle in rapid fire gunfights. Punch, kick, slide and deliver hardcore combos that reduce your foes to dust.
Pre-Order to receive an exclusive outfit customization DLC! Only available for pre-order purchases. The DLC includes a unique set of clothing options, which can be equipped from the locker in the safehouse.