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An unlikely hero approaches with the verve, guile, and dexterous reflexes to survive in a world of shadows and danger. The Rogue Set is a classic RPG 8-piece dice set, themed for a Rogue! It contains 2 d20 powder kegs, d12 gem, d10/d100 loot bags, d8 crossbow bolt, d6 poison vial, and d4 dagger.
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  • Top It is a fast thinking naming game that is stacks of fun
  • Players are each given 10 cones of the same colour, 9 letter discs are laid out, and a topic card is turned over
  • The timer is flipped and now everyone plays at once, racing to name something that fits the topic and begins with of the 9 letters on show
  • However if someone thinks of something starting with the same letter after you, they can then Top-It with their own coloured cone
  • There are more fun rules and regs included, and the winner is the first to 50 points
  • Top-It box contains: 75 double-sided topic cards, 60 coloured cones, 18 letter discs, sand timer, pencil, scoring pad and a set of rules