Time's Up! Party (UK Edition)

Time’s Up! Party (UK Edition)

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The hilarious party game of guessing famous names against the clock is back with an all-new edition, the first to be designed specifically for the UK market! Can you help your team-mates to guess Mary Berry without saying her name? Shaun the Sheep, using just one word? Or Sherlock Holmes, through mime alone? Sent wonderfully packaged, this incredible Party Game will be sent swiftly …
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Based on the popular game Time’s Up!, Party Edition challenges players to guess the names of famous people and titles of films and videogames among others.

Players try to get other players to guess the same set of titles over three rounds. In each round, one member of a team tries to get his teammates to guess as many titles as possible in 30 seconds. In round 1, almost any kind of clue is allowed. In round 2 no more than one word can be used in each clue. In round 3, no words are allowed at all.

This edition is not to be confused with Time’s Up! Edición Amarilla. Both editions have very similar yellow boxes but Time’s Up! Edición Amarilla has only famous people while Time’s Up! Party Edition has famous people mixed with various famous titles.