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Telestrations by USAopoly is a brilliant party game for up to 8 people.

Telestrations takes Chinese Whispers and drawing games like Pictionary mixing them together to create a wonderful game where winning is not the main aim. In Telestrations, hilarity wins, hands down and fun is the victor!

The game is simple: each player starts with a spiral bound wipeable jotter pad and dry wipe pen. Each player is given a double-sided card and a side is chosen; this side or that side. Each card has six secret words on it, a die is rolled, and the word associated with the number is chosen. Simultaneously, each player draws what was on their card. When the timer runs out, pass on your jotters to the next player. The new player looks at the drawing and writes down, on the next jotter page, what they think the drawing is. The jotter is passed again, the next player looks at the description and draws, on the next jotter page, what the secret word they have read… and so on.

At the end, when players receive their jotter back, they compare what the last drawing was with the original secret word. However, going through the jotter journey is where the fun is had. The changes and often weird and wonderful art and descriptions bring so much fun and laughter.

There are scoring suggestions and a couple of rule variations that can be tried. But, if you are looking for a game to play when the family visit and want something easy fun and will provide great entertainment;
Telestrations is a perfect fit.

Number of players 4-8
Game time 30 mins
Age 8+

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